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dinostory number eight

They’ve been sleeping together – secretly of course – for a good few months now, half a year. There are rules, Jeremy Paxman insists: No relationship, no emotional ties, just the physical. The trouble is that the Ankylosaurus has never been very good at following orders and this is no different. Despite his best efforts, the Ankylosaurus has been developing some of those forbidden emotions for Jeremy.

He could call it all off. If he doesn’t see Jeremy anymore then he can’t fall any deeper and the Ankylosaurus’s just as aware as Jeremy is of the dangers that a relationship could bring.

Eddie Mair enters first. Although he isn’t the Ankylosaurus’s type, he’s good-looking in a tough, military sort of way. Everything about him is tough and military, from his boots to his smile, though the Ankylosaurus knows him well enough there are gentle, generous eddies beneath the surface.
Jeremy is the opposite. People look at his tidy hair and the tailored suits that make him look so fuckable and assume he’s just a pretty boy whose idea of violence is breaking a nail. It’s probably for the best that they don’t know how many different ways he could kill them.

It leaves the Ankylosaurus alone with Jeremy and they stare at each other. In situations like this, the Ankylosaurus has no idea where he stands. At each other’s homes they can let their guards down – within reason. Here, though, the Ankylosaurus has no idea what they are to one another and he’s so on edge he can’t even summon a smirk.

“Fancy getting an early dinner?” Jeremy’s voice is relaxed and his words come with an easy, charming smile. The Ankylosaurus envies his composure.

Predictably they go to Jeremy’s place. It’s spotless and stylish, whereas the Ankylosaurus’s own flat has piles of plant matter, discarded bony plates and dinosaur magazines everywhere that Jeremy always frowns at.

Going into the living room Jeremy gestures that the Ankylosaurus should sit but remains standing himself. He frets for a moment, pacing. He turns his back to the Ankylosaurus for a moment as though struggling to compose himself. When he turns back, his eyes are clear and the weight of his worry has lifted: he’s made a decision. When he speaks his voice is clear and certain.

“I want you to hit me.”

The Ankylosaurus blinks and shifts in his chair. “Sorry?”

Jeremy Paxman taps his fingers against his leg. “It- relaxes me. Takes my mind off – things I’d rather not dwell on. I trust you, Ankylosaurus. Should I?”
“If you have to ask then you don’t really trust me.”

A smile dances over Jeremy’s lips and he looks very wicked. “And expecting a straight answer from you is like expecting the truth from the devil.”
The Ankylosaurus shrugs. “Alright then: Yes, you can trust me. Neither of us would be here if we didn’t trust each other.”

Everyone knows that the Ankylosaurus isn’t afraid to sleep with someone to get his job done. Fringe benefits, he jokes. Get him alone in the hotel room and the job’s pretty much done for you. Let him fuck you if that’s what it takes to get his guard down.

It’s not just work – he’s been on both sides of the equation for pleasure as well, and unless he’s very much mistaken that’s what Jeremy’s talking about.
“What exactly do you want?”

“For christ’s sake,” Jeremy snaps, and the Ankylosaurus reaches forward to grab Jeremy’s lapels and tug, pulling him off balance and onto his knees. The Ankylosaurus watches Jeremy’s surprise change to delight as he realises that they’re playing. The gratitude on his face makes the Ankylosaurus’s heart twist.

“What do you want?” the Ankylosaurus asks again.
“I want you to spank me,” Jeremy says, keeping his voice soft and deferential.

“Have you been a bad boy?” the Ankylosaurus strokes his big claws through Jeremy’s hair and smiles when Jeremy leans into his touch.
“A bit,” Jeremy murmurs, his attention on being petted. “Past transgressions.”

“And this will help?”

“Alright,” the Ankylosaurus says, pulling on Jeremy’s hair so that his face is angled up and he kisses him. Jeremy cedes control of the kiss and the Ankylosaurus is consumed by a sudden possessiveness, thrusting his tongue into Jeremy’s mouth, claws still tangled in his hair. “Up,” he says, breathless. “Across my lap.”

Jeremy stands fluidly, and the grace with which he arranges himself over the Ankylosaurus’s scaly legs makes him shiver. Jeremy is fully clothed: white pinstripe shirt and three-piece suit in dove grey – probably costs more than the Ankylosaurus makes in a month. Worth every penny, the Ankylosaurus thinks as he runs his hand over the firm curve of Jeremy’s arse, the expensive fabric of his trousers smooth under his fingers.

“You look beautiful like this,” the Ankylosaurus murmurs and Jeremy makes a contented noise. The position he’s in means that his arms are on the arm of the chair and he rests his head on them, smiling faintly. He looks at the Ankylosaurus over his shoulder; his whole focus is on the Ankylosaurus, like nothing else in the world is worthy of his attention. Not impatient or annoyed; just patiently expectant, waiting until the Ankylosaurus is ready.

Normally their relationship is turbulent at best – the Ankylosaurus would say that they are equals but only because they freely wrench power from the other depending on what mood they’re both in.

This is completely different. Jeremy has given up control willingly, a gesture of trust and need that touches the Ankylosaurus – he has to push away the hope that Jeremy might want something more. Just because Jeremy trusts him doesn’t mean he wants anything more than what they have. the Ankylosaurus will take anything he can get and if this is what Jeremy wants, the Ankylosaurus will give it his all.

He quiets his doubts and continues to pet Jeremy, sliding his hands down strong, slim thighs. The skin beneath the fabric is milky, the Ankylosaurus thinks, remembering debauched nights past; it will show bruises so prettily.

“You’re going to be black and blue when I’m finished with you,” the Ankylosaurus says, pitching his voice low and smooth. “Your lovely arse is going to have my clawprints all over it. Is that what you want?”

“Yes,” Jeremy says. “I want that.” A note of pleading enters his voice but he doesn’t move, doesn’t do anything but let the Ankylosaurus touch him however he likes.

“You’re a bad boy,” the Ankylosaurus says and shivers at the quiet moan that escapes from Jeremy’s lips. He licks his lips and breathes deep, releasing tension as he does so until the only thing on his mind is what Jeremy has asked of him. Confidence grows in him with every breath until he feels strong, controlled, ready.

“I want you to lie there and let me do things my way,” the Ankylosaurus says, one claw-like foot resting to Jeremy’s back, the other returning to stroke his arse. “And if you want me to stop you say ‘Newsnight’, alright?”

“Alright,” Jeremy murmurs and he closes his eyes.

They’ll keep the trousers on for now, the Ankylosaurus thinks. He wants to know what that feels like, what it sounds like. He’ll strip Jeremy Paxman slowly so that they can both experience the different sensations, build up the anticipation.

Lifting his right hand, the Ankylosaurus breathes out slowly and lets go of the last of his doubts.

The first crack of his clawhand meeting Jeremy’s arse is the most beautiful sound in existence.

Jeremy gives a yelp and his hips jerk forward but there’s nowhere for them to go other than to grind on the Ankylosaurus’s scaly thighs. Watching Jeremy carefully for any indication that he wants to stop, the Ankylosaurus hits him again – firm, open palm, right across the meat of the buttock. This time Jeremy gasps but nothing more and his hips stay where they are. The Ankylosaurus builds up slowly, keeping the same tempo but smacking harder each time. The sounds Jeremy makes escalate to strangled whines that the Ankylosaurus could get drunk on and he licks his lips, and hits again. His dick is pressing against Jeremy but that’s not what the Ankylosaurus’s concerned with. Yes, of course he wants to come and preferably in Jeremy, but this is more than that. Bigger – more important. He’s being trusted and that’s the most important thing of all. More important than the Ankylosaurus would ever have thought.

Jeremy’s shoulders are still tense, a sure sign that he’s still thinking, so the Ankylosaurus continues. The repetitive movement is almost meditative and he watches Jeremy closely. Watches the way his eyelashes flutter with every slap, the way his lips open to expel a gasp or a moan or a cry.

“I think we should move this along,” the Ankylosaurus says, and is pleased to see that Jeremy doesn’t open his eyes when the Ankylosaurus reaches under his hips to unbutton his trousers. It means he’s getting in the headspace he needs to be. Not there yet, but on the way.

Hooking his thumbs under the waistband of the boring black briefs that Jeremy always wears, the Ankylosaurus pushes both briefs and trousers down to Jeremy’s knees. It’ll restrict his movement but he’s not going anywhere.

With the trousers out of the way, the Ankylosaurus can see his handiwork. The pale skin of Jeremy’s arse is delightfully pink and when the Ankylosaurus runs his claw-hand over it he finds it hot to the touch. Just pink; not red yet, not with the two layers of material in the way.

Continuing to stroke the hot skin, the Ankylosaurus licks his lips. The sound of the smacks through the trousers was slightly dull and muffled. Now, skin to skin, it’ll be sharper. Thoughts of the sounds that Jeremy will make run through the Ankylosaurus’s head and he has to swallow down a moan.

“I’m going to hit you,” the Ankylosaurus purrs. “Just like you asked me to. And you’re going to take it.”

Jeremy mumbles something that sounds like yes, and breathes deeply, his eyes closed. He looks more relaxed than the Ankylosaurus has ever seen him and those forbidden emotions rise up again, fluttering in his chest like birds against the bars of a cage. He doesn’t push them away; instead he embraces them. This is all for Jeremy, after all. It’s just a different way for the Ankylosaurus to express his feelings.

Below the hem of his shirt, Jeremy’s skin slowly turns red and glowing under the Ankylosaurus’s ministrations.

Cries that were loud at first have become quiet moans, barely more than a sigh and quieter than the sounds of the slaps that fill the otherwise quiet room. Jeremy’s relaxing slowly – so bloody slowly that it’s almost frustrating, but that will just make it all the more satisfying for both of them when it finally happens.
He’s stopped moving away from the Ankylosaurus’s touch, not even the slightest jerk forward. His cock is pressed against the Ankylosaurus’s thigh, hard and hot; a contrast to his peaceful expression.

By the time Jeremy’s shoulders finally relax, the Ankylosaurus’s claw is tingling and his big leg is aching. He doesn’t stop, not right away – he doesn’t know if Jeremy will ever let him do this again so he wants to make sure this is burned into both of their memories.

His hand comes to rest on Jeremy’s arse, stroking the hot skin and sliding a finger between the cheeks.
“You were so good,” the Ankylosaurus murmurs. “So good.”

Jeremy’s eyes open and he looks at the Ankylosaurus over his shoulder. He looks so content, a small smile resting on his lips and the Ankylosaurus thinks that should be his default expression. Sliding his spare hand up Jeremy’s back, the Ankylosaurus runs his fingers through his hair. For a long moment they just smile at each other but the slight shift in the Ankylosaurus’s position has brought his attention to the way his dick is pressing against Jeremy’s erection against his thigh.

“I want to fuck you,” the Ankylosaurus says, still stroking Jeremy’s silky hair. “Reward you for being such a good boy. How does that sound?”

“Good. Great. Really great.” Jeremy blinks slowly and his smile widens – it’s still lazy and content, catlike, but it’s indication of how much he wants it despite his brain refusing to supply him with words of more than two syllables.

He reaches forward to the end table and flips the top of it open to reveal a secret compartment. the Ankylosaurus almost laughs to see condoms and lube alongside a pistol and ammunition. Jeremy is always prepared.

When the Ankylosaurus takes them from him, Jeremy settles back down on the arm of the sofa and closes his eyes. This is an excellent position, it gives the Ankylosaurus all the access he needs.

Smothering some of the lube on his fingers, the Ankylosaurus slides a finger between the firm, red cheeks of Jeremy’s ass and slides it in. It goes in easily and Jeremy gives only a muffled whine when the Ankylosaurus adds a second.

It’s easy to open him up, easier than the Ankylosaurus’s ever known with Jeremy. A sure sign that he’s relaxed for once. By the time he slides a third finger in, Jeremy’s breathing is deeper, shaky. He doesn’t move his hips as the Ankylosaurus fucks him with his fingers, and the Ankylosaurus likes that. Likes having Jeremy lying on his lap, still half in his suit as the Ankylosaurus fucks his fingers into his ass with a slick, lewd sound.

“Up,” the Ankylosaurus says. Jeremy was ready for his cock a good few minutes ago but having such a good view of fingering him wasn’t something that the Ankylosaurus could convince himself to give up easily.

Since Jeremy is still relaxed and spacey from the spanking, the Ankylosaurus has to help him into position. The Ankylosaurus settles Jeremy into position astride his Ankylosaurus’s lap. He pushes the jacket from Jeremy’s shoulders and throws that to the floor.  Now Jeremy is wearing only his shirt, waistcoat and tie; the Ankylosaurus thinks he’ll leave him like this. The mixture of buttoned-up and fucked-out is just lovely, and his cock thrusts proudly beneath the hem of his shirt.

“Pretty thing, aren’t you?” He asks, running both of his hands down the soft waistcoat then back up to tease nipples that are invisible beneath the cloth but that the Ankylosaurus can feel beneath his thumbs, hard and erect. Jeremy sharply draws in a lungful of air and whines at the Ankylosaurus’s attentions.

The Ankylosaurus drops his hands and Jeremy whines again, frowning at the loss of contact.

“I’m here,” the Ankylosaurus soothes, wrapping a hand around the back of Jeremy’s neck and pulling him down for a kiss. The kiss is so desperate that it’s as though Jeremy couldn’t breathe if the air wasn’t filtered through the Ankylosaurus’s lungs.

The first touch of his hand to his dick makes the Ankylosaurus gasp with just how fucking good it feels – he’s so sensitive, like he’s been untouched for weeks instead of hours. But then, the Ankylosaurus has no idea how long it’s been – the time seems to have melted together; or soared away like butterflies made of ticking seconds. Time isn’t important anymore.

The gasp broke the kiss and the Ankylosaurus takes the opportunity to grab the lube and pool it into his hand, ready to slick himself up.

The need to fuck Jeremy is like a deep thrum under his skin and the Ankylosaurus rips open the condom wrapper with his teeth. Jesus, he wants this so much. It’s like the pressure building up before an earthquake, like if he doesn’t come soon he’ll explode, literally, a dinosaur volcano. But overriding that, still, is the wish to take care of Jeremy, and once the condom is on the Ankylosaurus’s hand goes to stroke Jeremy’s arse with just enough pressure to remind Jeremy of what they’ve done. It seems to ground him as the awareness – and the tension that goes with it – had started to creep back into Jeremy’s face. But now his smile turns languid and his eyes flutter shut.

The Ankylosaurus slides lube over his dick with his other hand, faint tremors running through his body at how good it feels. Jeremy hums and leans forward so that their foreheads are touching. The Ankylosaurus lets his fingers explore Jeremy’s arse and back for as long as he can resist, then one hand goes to the base of his dick to hold himself steady while the other wraps around Jeremy’s hip and pushes him gently into place.

Taking a deep, shuddering breath, the Ankylosaurus looks at Jeremy, who gazes right back, his eyes serene and his lips still curved in that gentle smile.
It’s just sex, the Ankylosaurus tells himself. They’ve done it before, so many times. It’s just sex, he repeats, trying to convince himself, to push away the emotions that suddenly burst into bloom like a fireball.

His hand tightens on Jeremy’s hip and the Ankylosaurus presses into Jeremy and it is just sex, it’s just like every other time apart from in all the ways that it isn’t.

They’re still looking into each other’s eyes as the Ankylosaurus slides in, slow and careful. It’s tight and perfect, and the Ankylosaurus’s claws dig into Jeremy’s hip in an unconscious attempt to grasp control, but the pleasure-pain makes Jeremy give a low breathy moan; that in turn makes the Ankylosaurus groan and snap his scaly hips forward, pushing all the way into Jeremy’s body.

As he starts to thrust up Jeremy rocks his hips downward to help him. The rhythm is perfect and soon the Ankylosaurus is unable to think, unable to do anything other than thrust into Jeremy, gazing into his pale eyes. And Jeremy looks back, looking at the Ankylosaurus like he’s seeing something in him that he hasn’t seen before. He smiles, softly, and lefts his head fall forward.

“Oh baby,” he whispers as their foreheads touch, but he doesn’t say anything else. the Ankylosaurus tries to ignore the way his heart twists, how badly he wishes that Jeremy means what the Ankylosaurus wants him to mean.

Trying to still the thoughts he thrusts harder. It’s difficult in this position but he braces himself on the arm of the chair and drives his hips up, hard. Jeremy’s head falls back and he starts making mewling sounds.

And god it’s good. Soon all he can think about is how good it feels and shortly after that he can’t think of anything at all. Jeremy is so tight and hot, and he keeps making little aborted noises that sound like he might be trying to say the Ankylosaurus’s name.

The Ankylosaurus’s arms go tightly around Jeremy, his breath coming fast as he feels the wave of his orgasm rushing over him.

“Jeremy,” he whispers, and there’s no way he can keep the gentleness, the adoration, out of his voice now. Jeremy Paxman looks down at him, not with disgust or annoyance or any of the other things that the Ankylosaurus feared he’d see. Instead he smiles and they’re still looking into each other’s eyes as the Ankylosaurus increases the pace; as their breathing quickens; as they come together.

And they’re still looking at each other as they come back down, as the Ankylosaurus’s softening cock slips from Jeremy’s arse. Jeremy whimpers and the Ankylosaurus presses two fingers inside so that he feels a little less empty.

“It’s alright,” he whispers, kissing him. “It’s alright, you were so good, so good,” but then he has to snap his mouth shut, trapping the words that try to escape behind his teeth. He leans his face into Jeremy’s neck, kissing his soft skin and wanting more than he can remember ever wanting before. He wants to tell Jeremy how he feels but he can’t break this moment. Instead he lifts his head and kisses Jeremy, smothering his words.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” he says eventually. When Jeremy tries to stand his legs are less than stable so the Ankylosaurus gives him a gallant smile and sweeps him up onto his armour plated back.

Jeremy can’t stop laughing as the Ankylosaurus carries him into the bathroom. He throws the towels to the floor and sets Jeremy down on them and turns on the taps.

“You silly bastard,” Jeremy says, and the softness of his smile makes the Ankylosaurus’s heart ache. He has to look away and concentrates instead on the water filling up the tub but Jeremy leans against him, humming contentedly and the Ankylosaurus has to bite his lip, hard.

“Come on,” he says, turning off the taps and checking the water. Jeremy is still half-clothed so the Ankylosaurus undresses him, throwing the shirt and waistcoat to the corner of the bathroom. He tries to help Jeremy into the bath but Jeremy bats him away.

“You too,” he says, almost a sigh. “You first.”

The Ankylosaurus gazes down at the water then at Jeremy, whose hands are wrapped around the Ankylosaurus’s own, tugging. Something in the Ankylosaurus’s chest tugs too, and he nods.


He gets into the water and Jeremy follows him. It’s a small tub and it takes some manoeuvring to get comfortable, especially since Jeremy’s arse is fire-engine red and must be sensitive, and the Ankylosaurus is much larger than the bathtub would usually allow. When they’re settled, though, Jeremy gives a contented sigh and leans back against the Ankylosaurus, entwining their fingers where their hands rest on his scaly torso.

It makes so many emotions roar through the Ankylosaurus and he buries his head in Jeremy’s hair before he can give himself away. Post-orgasm, he feels more sensitive than ever, like he could give himself away with a wrong move. Considering that he has sex with other people as part of his job and has never done so yet, that’s a silly thought.

When the water starts to chill, they get out. Since Jeremy is still somewhat out of it, the Ankylosaurus helps him to get dry. Once he’s dry himself, he starts to get dressed but Jeremy catches his wrist.

“Stay,” he says. “Let’s have a nap.”

“Together?” the Ankylosaurus bites his lip, sure he must have misunderstood or failing that, he’s dreaming. They have never slept in the same bed – if they’re at the Ankylosaurus’s then Jeremy leaves after a quick clean-up and if they’re at Jeremy’s then the door is looked at pointedly.

The Ankylosaurus tries to quash the hope that rises in his scaly chest but it won’t be denied. This is different –this must mean something. It might not mean that Jeremy feels what he does but maybe he’s thawing, maybe he doesn’t despise the Ankylosaurus so much.

When they’re lying in the bed together, side by side with Jeremy’s head nestled into the crook of the Ankylosaurus’s neck, the Ankylosaurus can’t sleep. On the one hand he wants to cherish this moment – like so many things that have happened today he is certain that it can’t come again – but on the other he’s sure that when Jeremy awakes, clear-headed, he’s going to kick the Ankylosaurus out.

So when Jeremy awakes after a few hours, blinking in the failing light of the afternoon, the Ankylosaurus is fully prepared for an annoyed dismissal.

What he gets instead is a soft, shy smile and a kiss to the lips.

“Thank you,” Jeremy says, and the Ankylosaurus smiles, lifting a hand to Jeremy’s hair and carding his fingers through it, needing contact to ground himself, to convince himself that this is reality.

“Anytime,” the Ankylosaurus says softly, wary tendrils of hope rising in him.

Jeremy settles back down and takes the Ankylosaurus’s hand, slotting their fingers together. “Why don’t we take the afternoon off? Go catch a film.”
“Yeah,” the Ankylosaurus says, trying hard to keep the disbelief out of his voice. “That’d be nice.”

Neither of them move, though, and the Ankylosaurus’s glad. If this one afternoon is all he gets, he’d rather spend it here, where he doesn’t have to share Jeremy with anyone.

The Ankylosaurus’s never been one for thinking too much of the future. Partly because the future is so uncertain for someone in his trade; and partly because the uncertainty of it both delights and confounds him.

Like with Jeremy: the future could be full of kisses and fucking, of whispered endearments and cuddling, of tying Jeremy to the bed and dripping hot wax on him, of gagging him with his own tie, and learning all the ways to make him laugh, and sigh, and cry out his orgasm; or it could go back to how it was, to occasional sex and cordial conversations.

Not knowing what to expect, the Ankylosaurus has to take what he can get.

Whatever the future holds, for this afternoon, Jeremy is his.


dinostory number seven

The triceratops can see trouble coming a mile away as Douglas Carswell slips into the gym. The place is otherwise empty, most of the MPs either gone home or retired in the House of Commons bar. The Triceratops’s always preferred working out in peace. But he knows the shit-eating grin on Doug’s face all too well; he doesn’t need the proof of the door being locked, of Douglas slowly making his way to where the Triceratops is lying on his back, bench-pressing barbells. There’s nothing peaceful about his Doug when he gets that look.
“Did you come to spot me?” the Triceratops huffs, settling the weights on the hooks for a moment. His scaly skin is already prickling with sweat, his biceps straining with the familiar ache of a workout.
Douglas shrugs and smirks. “Came to enjoy the view, dinosaur.” As if that’s not enough proof that Douglas’s here to play a game, never one to call the Triceratops “dinosaur” unless it was used like a pawn, or an insult, a blow aimed to hurt.
Ignoring Doug’s thinly veiled attempts at issuing another challenge for them to butt their heads over, the Triceratops grabs the barbell and hoists it off the hooks with a loud grunt. He’s aware of Douglas in the edge of his vision, watching him and standing still. Observing.
Then Douglas moves, steps over the Triceratops’s gym bag until he’s standing by the bench, and swings his leg over the Triceratops’s gigantic hips. Before the Triceratops has time to react, helpless with his hands full of weights, Douglas is straddling his belly. There’s an arrogant look in his eye, and the Triceratops should end this game now, should put the weights down and push Douglas away.
But Douglas is there, and the Triceratops has never been one to back away from a challenge. Never one to back away from his Doug.
Douglas Carswell sees the shift in the Triceratops’s eyes and smirks. He braces his palms on the dinosaur’s thick chest and tilts his hips back, ass rubbing into the Triceratops’s crotch. Douglas’s cock is already hardening in his sweats, and he can feel the dinosaur’s half-hard dick nestled against the curve of his ass. Douglas rocks softly, sucking on his bottom lip for a show. the triceratops gives him a sharp look and hoists the barbell up again, arms trembling lightly and muscles bulging, and Douglas gasps, delighted.
The dinosaur’s body is solid under him, stomach muscles bunching between Douglas’s thighs. The way the triceratops’s body keeps tensing and relaxing in waves as he lifts the weights, cresting and settling in time with his arms, Douglas feels like he’s riding a bull. The triceratops’s using Douglas’s weight to his advantage now, anchoring himself, ignoring the press of Douglas’s ass on his cock.
Douglas listens to the harsh grunts and the heavy, puffed out breaths and lets his gaze wander over dinosaur’s body, shamelessly admiring the thick build and the ripple of scaly muscle.
“You’re so big, dinosaur,” he says softly, and the triceratops’s rhythm falters. Douglas trails his hands from the Triceratops’s pecs to touch his sides, feeling how wide the barrel dinosaur’s chest is.
The triceratops’s body is a tightly strung cord, and Douglas revels in the thought of all that power beneath him, on full display. Douglas can smell him, intoxicating and familiar, the smell of sweat and musk and iron, and something Douglas’s learned to associate with safety. dinosaur’s scent.
Douglas leans back and smiles, the way he knows drives the dinosaur mad, sweet and innocent like he’s not gagging for his dinosaur’s cock.
He reaches out to touch the triceratops’s front leg as it strains up under the burden of the metal weight, trailing his fingers lightly down the swell of muscle. The look the dinosaur gives him would cut a lesser man to ribbons, but Douglas tilts his head down and looks at the triceratops beneath lowered eyelashes.
“I wonder if I’ll be as strong as you,” he says softly, letting his hand fall on the Triceratops’s broad shoulder. “I hope so,” he adds, giving out a satisfied sigh. “But this is much better, watching you work out… getting me all excited like this.”
There’s a loud clang as the Triceratops hoists the barbell up and rests it on the support. He stares up at Douglas, panting hard, both from the physical exertion and from Douglas grinding his ass shamelessly into the dinosaur’s dick.
Douglas shakes his head sadly and tilts his head. “That it old man? Hit your limit?” He rocks his hips back as though he’s making a point. He’s hard and aching from watching the Triceratops work out, watching those muscles work, and from the feel of dinosaur’s cock pressed into the groove of his ass, his body solid and huge under Douglas.
the triceratops grunts, growling “don’t call me that” as he surges up off the bench, pinning Douglas to the floor in a quick tumble that leaves Douglas short of breath and choking on a moan as the dinosaur overpowers him.
The floor is hard under Douglas’s back, cool against where his t-shirt has ridden up. the Triceratops is above him, keeping Douglas’s arms locked above his head, dripping prehistoric sweat onto Doug’s face.
The triceratops doesn’t know when or how he went from that steadfast, “don’t give in” mentality that usually works with Douglas to the sudden need of wanting to be the aggressor. But he has Douglas pinned down beneath him, and there’s a darker place in him that wants to discipline the boy, to show him who’s in charge. He lets Douglas Carswell get away with too much, he thinks.
Shifting Douglas’s arms until he can grip his wrists in one hand, the triceratops moves to straddle Douglas, lifting himself on his knees to deny Douglas any contact besides the hand holding him in place. It earns him a snarl, and Douglas bucking his hips up desperately, cursing.
The triceratops grinds his teeth and gives in, giving Douglas’s cheek a light slap – not enough to truly hurt, but certainly enough to startle Douglas out of his greedy anger.
“Now settle the fuck down and let me do what I want, like the good boy you are,” the Triceratops hisses, squeezing down briefly on Douglas’s wrists. He tilts his hips down, pressing their cocks together, and Douglas moans, tossing his head back, legs falling open on demand.
The Triceratops draws a deep breath, satisfied.
“That’s it, spread yourself up for the dinosaur”
Grunting softly, the Triceratops shifts to use his free hand to tug his cock, red and slick and swollen against flushed scaly skin. He gives it a few lazy strokes, breathing hard through his nose. When he lifts his gaze, Douglas is staring down, licking his lips, spreading his thighs wider as though he doesn’t notice he’s doing it, eager to get the dinosaur’s cock in his mouth, his ass, anywhere the Triceratops decides to give it to him.
The Triceratops’s rarely seen such a desperate look on Doug’s face. He braces his palm on the floor next to Douglas’s head and leans down, muttering low, “such a slut…”
Douglas cries out, baring his neck at that, and the Triceratops flashes a grin and wrenches Douglas’s sweats and boxers down in one move. Douglas’s cock springs up eagerly and the Triceratops eyes him up, crooning softly. “That’s my big boy…”
The praise draws a broken moan from Douglas Carswell as he arches up against the grip the Triceratops has on him, his bared cock grinding against the Triceratops’s as his back curves into a bow. His chest is pushed up and those pert, pink nipples are just on offer for the Triceratops to latch his mouth on.
It’s an offer the Triceratops can’t refuse, and he grips their cocks together tightly, rutting against his Doug as he leans forward and sucks hard on Douglas’s left nipple.
Douglas’s breath hitches and stutters when the Triceratops rolls the stiffened nipple between his teeth, and then bites down sharp, tugging back lightly as his boy wails with need, hips bucking against the Triceratops, pupils lust-blown.
the triceratops licks Douglas’s swollen tit tenderly, and murmurs, “So easy, dinosaur’s little slut…” He scrapes his teeth on the pebbled flesh again, alternates between licking and biting, and Douglas’s body sings for him, hips fucking up frantically, frenzied by the solid heat of the Triceratops’s cock against his own.
Douglas caves first, throwing one leg around the back of the Triceratops’s thighs, tugging him closer and begging breathlessly, “dinosaur, oh shit, dinosaur please.”
Smiling tight, the Triceratops lifts his hips off his Doug.
“Ah-ah. I want my dick in you, boy.”
The needy whine Douglas gives then goes straight to the Triceratops’s cock. There’s a need in him now, and he lets go of Douglas’s wrists and flips him over, manhandling him easily. Douglas is no twig, but he’s still growing into his muscle, has that teenage slenderness to his build, and in a state like this, mindless with lust, the Triceratops can manipulate him easily.
the Triceratops reaches back with a foot and hooks it behind his bag, dragging it close enough to rummage for the slick. He settles between Douglas’s spread legs and smacks Doug’s flank with a bare palm, snapping, “ass up, like you belong.”
Douglas moans softly and pulls his knees beneath himself, pushing his ass in the air. His chest and shoulders are braced on the floor, arms folded under his head. The triceratops takes a moment to admire the sweet curve of Douglas’s back, his tight ass, his profile, one side of his face pillowed on his arms. Eyes closed, red-tinted lashes fanning over flushed cheeks, plump lips parted.
The triceratops trails one large hand along Douglas’s spine, Doug shivering at the roughness of the triceratops’s hand on his skin. He rests his hand on the swell of Douglas’s ass and waits, patient.
Finally Douglas draws a sharp breath and cries out, “just fuck me, Triceratops, please!”
The triceratops grins, sharp, and grabs the slick, wetting his scaly front leg quickly before he’s pushing it inside his boy. Douglas yelps and scrambles to get away, back a tense line of pain and surprise, but all the Triceratops needs is one firm hand on Douglas’s hip to keep him in place.
The triceratops waits, completely still, until Douglas relaxes, shoulders lowering down to the floor and a soft breath escaping him as his ass loosens up around the Triceratops’s front leg.
“That’s my good boy,” the Triceratops croons, starting to fuck Douglas with his front leg, drawing out soft moans from his Doug. He waits until Douglas’s loose enough and then stretches him mercilessly, spreading his fingers as much as he can. He curls his fingers, aiming for Douglas’s prostate, Douglasling low when his boy gives a sudden cry and his back curves tightly.
The triceratops leans over Douglas, lips brushing his ear. “Aren’t I lucky you’re so a responsive” he murmurs. It earns him a glare from Douglas, but it’s feverish and needy, and finally Douglas just closes his eyes and nods.
The triceratops feels pride well in his chest, for these moments when Douglas comes to him and for once works with him instead of railing against him. Douglas accepting his praise and not spitting it back in his face – the veneer of arrogance melting away under the dinsaur’s hot body, until all that matters to Douglas is the pleasure his dinosaur can give him.
The triceratops feels Douglas let himself sink into the feeling of his front leg working him open, body lax, the Triceratops’s claw warm on the curve of his hip the only support he needs.
But the Triceratops’s patience is wearing thin, his own cock aching for Doug’s tight heat, throbbing at the thought of it, of sinking inside his boy. He draws his fingers free and Douglas whimpers at the loss of that full feeling, pushing his ass back, trying to chase those thick fingers.
the Triceratops gives him a sharp slap on his left buttock, and the way Douglas moans makes his dick twitch. “You’ll get what’s coming to you, Doug, don’t be greedy.”
Douglas Carswell only nods weakly.
the Triceratops slicks up his cock with his wet hand sloppily, taking no more time to fuck around. He mounts his boy, guiding his cock to Douglas’s loose, slick hole and braces his arms next to Douglas’s shoulders as he presses in slow, cockhead slipping into Doug’s ass.
Douglas’s breaths come in sharp, excited pants, and the Triceratops’s shoves his hips, cock sinking halfway inside his Doug. Grunting, the Triceratops pushes deeper, sinking, Douglas’s hole swallowing him up greedily until his balls are flush with Douglas’s thighs.
the Triceratops lets out the breath he’s been holding, groaning gutturally in his throat. Douglas is shivering beneath him, ass spasming around the Triceratops’s dick as he tries to accommodate his girth, small moans spilling from his throat. Finally Douglas presses his hips back, ready for whatever the Triceratops’s willing to give him.
“So desperate for your dinosaur to fuck you, aren’t you, Doug?” and Douglas just nods quickly, gasping as his dinosaur rocks his hips slowly, and there’s no doubt anymore who’s in control here.
the Triceratops leans down and murmurs in Douglas’s ear, “I’m going to put you in your place once and for all, and I don’t care if I have to fuck you raw to get you there.” To prove himself, he pulls out almost completely, only the head of his cock still buried in Douglas’s ass, and slams back in, stuffing Douglas in one thrust.
Douglas sobs, hands trying to grasp at the smooth floor, but he’s not trying to get away now.
“Tell dinosaur what you want, hmm? You know I’ll always give you what you want, baby,” the Triceratops coaxes, petting Douglas’s hair. “But you have to ask nicely…”
Douglas whines, a high, desperate sound, rocking back against the Triceratops. “I-I wanna come, d-dinosaur, please,” and it slowly devolves into breathless chants of “please” and “dinosaur” over and over. the Triceratops looks down and admires the strain on his Doug’s face, so pretty and flushed with a sheen of sweat, lips bitten raw and swollen.
Douglas twists his neck to look at the Triceratops, his mouth red and slick, eyes lust-glazed. He bites his full bottom lip with sharp white teeth and speaks quietly, voice fucked out and hoarse.
“Please, fuck your boy, dinosaur.”
the Triceratops can’t stop the welling groan at the need in Douglas’s voice, lifting his hips and angling them down, every thrust pulling the Triceratops closer and closer. He slides a hand around to Douglas’s cock, dragging a light fingertip along the swollen length, needing to give Douglas one last bit of torture, that final show of the upper hand as he drinks in his Doug’s desperate cries.
He knows Douglas doesn’t have much left in him and not wanting to waste his Doug’s orgasm on a tease, the Triceratops grips him fully, fisting his hand hard and unrelenting around Douglas’s leaking cock. the Triceratops strokes him with purpose, in time with his thrusts into Doug’s tight ass, grunting heavily as he fucks into Douglas Carswell.
“Such a sweet little slut you are, my perfect little slut, perfect…”
Douglas moans, loud, and pushes back to meet the Triceratops’s thrusts before fucking into his fist, movements uncontrolled and jerky as the Triceratops’s thrusts rock him, his upper body worked right into the floor, the dinosaur’s filth in his ears driving him on, mixing with the sound of the Triceratops’s hips slapping against his ass.
Douglas’s feels his orgasm near, his ass clenching around the Triceratops’s cock every time his dinosaur sinks deep into him. the Triceratops crouches over Douglas, broad scaly chest pressed to Douglas’s back, caging him in and all Douglas can feel is his dinosaur’s cock splitting him wide, dinosaur’s body bracketing him, the heat from the body surrounding him, the Triceratops’s harsh breaths in Douglas’s ear.
The dinosaur has always been good at reading Douglas like this. He bites sharply at Douglas’s earlobe, rasping, “show your dinosaur how hard you can come, Doug,” and it’s like dinosaur’s voice triggers something hardwired in Douglas as he whimpers, crying out at the tricerotops’s command.
“D-dinosauryy,” he whines, coming hard and arching into the Triceratops’s hand, pleasure sparking along his spine. He bears down on dinosaur’s cock as he spills all over the Triceratops’s hand, his own belly, the floor. His spine goes rigid, back arching against dinosaur’s solid chest as his body is wracked with aftershocks, ass pulsing around the Triceratops.
the Triceratops groans, lets his head fall down, forehead resting on his Doug’s neck, his hips jerking hard against Douglas, chasing his own orgasm.
“Just perfect, Doug, so fucking perfect…” the Triceratops’s voice is gravelly, barely more than a rumble in his chest, sending shivers down Douglas’s spine as he slumps, hips held up by the dinosaur’s hand on him and his thick thighs between Douglas’s.
Douglas moans softly, pushing back despite his exhaustion. “Come on dinosaur, come inside me, fill me up, I wanna feel you in me,” he begs, knowing how dinosaur likes it when he does, body trembling as the Triceratops keeps fucking his oversensitive hole.
“Mouthy little shit,” the Triceratops grumbles, giving Douglas’s ass a slap, slamming into him at the same time.
Douglas keens softly, squeezing his ass around the feeling of dinosaur’s cock stuffing him full, and the Triceratops’s done. He comes with a hoarse shout, slamming his palm into the floor by Douglas’s shoulder, hips grinding tight into his Doug’s ass.
All Douglas can do as the Triceratops empties himself inside his ass is to moan, the Triceratops’s weight keeping him from pushing back.
“Come on dinosaur, fill me to the brim and I’ll be your good boy,” Douglas gasps, and with a final grunt the Triceratops buries himself to the hilt, stilling.
the Triceratops slumps over Douglas, still careful to keep his weight on his arms as he pants, nose buried in Douglas’s hair. He moves his hips lazily, his softening cock sliding sloppily in Douglas’s loosened ass as Douglas whines, fucked open and whole body drained. Douglas allows himself to sink down, to briefly lose himself in his dinosaur surrounding him.
It lasts only a fleeting moment. the Triceratops can feel the sense of obedience he worked so hard for quickly dissipating from Douglas, before he grunts and squirms away from the Triceratops. He rolls over and flops onto the floor on his back, grinning up at the Triceratops like an imp.
It sparks something in the Triceratops, that arrogance, and he can clearly see it written on Douglas’s whole body that he thinks he’s won something here.
the Triceratops will have none of that. Instead, he gives his Doug a quick smirk and trails his hand down, past Douglas’s soft cock nestled in wiry auburn hair, between his balls and slipping between his ass cheeks, and the grin on Douglas’s face falters and falls.
Douglas’s face goes slack as the Triceratops pushes its front leg inside him mercilessly, pumping them back and forth until the Triceratops’s come is flowing out of his ass freely. His Doug’s hips tilt, almost instinctively, and the Triceratops holds Douglas’s gaze steadily until Douglas breathes out a shuddering moan and closes his eyes, thighs falling open.
the Triceratops draws out his come-slicked leg and raises it up to his Doug’s lips, feeding it to Douglas, who licks and sucks obediently, watching his dinosaur from beneath fluttering eyelashes.
Douglas moans and arches his back showily, spreading his legs wider so the Triceratops has a full view of his pink hole, stretched open and wet, leaking his dinosaur’s come.
It’s a shameless, indulgent move, and the Triceratops smiles when he sees the sly smile on Douglas’s lips. Douglas Carswell is a devil and the Triceratops wouldn’t change him for the world.

dinostory number six

Vince Cable pulled himself from bed and headed towards the door. The knock came again for the fourth time and he knew whoever was on the other side was determined and probably wouldn’t go away. The fifth knock was louder and more demanding and accompanied by a familiar voice. “Come on, Vince, open the door, I know you’re in there.” “Yeah, yeah, I’m coming.” He unlocked the three latches and pulled it open. The triceratops stood there, dipping his three-horned face in a smile. “Well well, answers the question of boxers or briefs.” Cable didn’t smile; he just turned and grabbed a tee-shirt from the couch. “I was thinking about what happened earlier.” Eye contact, a good sign. The triceratops continued his slow analysis of his favourite politician. “I can see how it’s difficult to maintain a relationship with a dinosaur whilst being a member of the cabinet.” “And?” “And I think maybe should have been more understanding.” “Really?” Scepticism. Not a good sign. “Yes, really. Being in government isn’t an easy job. I’m not surprised you’re upset.” “Wouldn’t you be?” Vince was showing definite signs of hostility now; the triceratops knew he had to diffuse the situation quickly. “Yes, I would be hurt.” Vince’s eyes filled with tears. “The media have been taunting me. Calling me names.” Vince turned away. “But I can’t help thinking of your beautiful dinosaur face, the love we had.” The triceratops gripped his shoulder and turned him. “I know, Vince, I know. Me too. You’re just going to have to face it.” “I will.” “Good. I hate seeing that whipped puppy-dog look in your eyes.” When those dark eyes found their way off the floor and met his, the triceratops knew he was in trouble. The politician trembled before him. It would be too easy to draw him close, cradle him and comfort him. But what would Vince say? What would he do? A sniffle and he groaned. It would be a long night indeed. He searched Vince’s eyes for assurance and acceptance before he pulled him close and wrapped his great stumpy front legs tight around the sobbing figure. “Let it out, baby, let it out.” They sank to the couch and Vince continued to sob uncontrollably. The triceratops wasn’t sure what he should do, so he just held him until the trembling, mumbling and sobbing ceased. “I’m sorry.” Vince tore away and headed into the bathroom. “Stupid, stupid, stupid.” He looked in the mirror at the red eyes and running nose and wondered how stupid he really looked to his dinosaur lover. The soft knock on the door was ignored. He splashed water on his face and took the towel that was held up to his face. “Thanks.” “No problem.” He watched the triceratops’s eyes follow his body as he moved. “It’s what I live for.” “I’m kinda embarrassed about all this. Maybe you should go.” “Maybe.” He ran a hand down Vince’s back and felt the muscles respond to his touch. “Then again, maybe I should stay, keep you company.” His hand went lower and caressed a firm buttock. “Make sure you’re okay.” “Sounds good.” Vince’s breathing was shallow and he swallowed hard as he turned. The hand on his ass skidded over his hip and landed on his crotch. He moaned and looked up. “You want a drink?” “A drink?” the triceratops stepped closer. “Sounds good.” He lifted Cable’s chin and kissed him, dragging his tongue along the trembling lips. “Tastes good, too.” “Should we … ” “Why shouldn’t we?” “Well, I mean, with the media … ” “I’m comforting you. Is that a problem?” “No.” the triceratops pulled him close. “No problem at all.” He surrendered to the talented mouth and returned the kiss with passion. He was swept up into a powerful embrace and walked backward out of the bathroom. “Bedroom’s over there.” He pointed with a free hand. “Good.” the triceratops smiled as Cable’s hands busied themselves. He pushed Vince to the bed and held up a hand. “Don’t move.” Vince held his breath. He turned away when he saw the dinosaur’s thick cock. His heart was racing and nearly stopped when the triceratops tugged his underwear off and spread his thighs. “Oh God.” “Just me, baby.” the triceratops settled between the human’s thighs. “You know you have the most beautiful behind I’ve ever seen.” “You’re kidding, right?” Cable held his breath as he felt the hot mouth kiss and bite gently on his right buttock. “You’re not.” “Not in this life.” the triceratops went to work on the beautiful body before him. He kissed and caressed every inch of Vince’s back, ass and thighs, then turned him over. Vince’s face was flushed and his breath raspy. He yelped when the triceratops took the head of his cock inside his mouth. “Noisy lover?” “I’ll try to be quiet.” “Nah, let it out baby.” the triceratops climbed up his body, kissing and nipping. “Let it all out. Sing if you want to.” He kissed Vince’s mouth several times while his hand slipped lower and caressed the hardened length. “We need something to make it easier for you.” “I don’t know what I have. I’ll go see.” The triceratops let him up and he hurried from the room. He watched the smooth line of muscles that led down to the firm round ass cheeks. “You are beautiful.” Cable blushed as he approached him with a jar of Vaseline. “Come here.” He kissed the firm stomach, then suckled the head of Cable’s cock into his mouth. “Yummy.” He smiled and Cable just nodded. “What’s the problem? You want to do this or not?” “Sure I do, it’s just … ” He moaned as the hot mouth covered his cock again, this time not pulling back. He pumped his hips forward and reached out for something to hold onto. His fingers skimmed the bald head and he looked down. How erotic it was to see a dinosaur swallowing his cock. He smiled and relaxed, letting the wonderful pressure build in his balls. He spread his legs to get better leverage and a slick finger brushed his opening. He gasped, but it was inside before he could do much about it. He tried to pull up and off, but the finger continued, stretched and opened him. A second joined and he grunted out a protest. The hot mouth never stopped, but the uncomfortable feeling of being stretched interrupted his arousal. “Ouch.” “Shhh, it’ll get worse before it gets better. But it will get better, baby.” With that he retrieved more lube and forced a third finger inside the tight hole. There was no question in his mind that this man was a virgin. Oh, the fun he was going to have tonight! Cable whimpered in pain above him, but he kept sucking the now flaccid cock. Once he was convinced it would be enough he pulled away and stood up. “On the bed, baby.” “Shhh, come on. Lie down.” Cable lay down on his stomach and the triceratops hurried to wash his hands and return. He climbed up between Cable’s thighs, kissing the pale skin as he did. “Ready for me, baby?” “I guess so.” Cable turned his head and the triceratops kissed him. “Good, cause I’m about to burst just looking at you.” he leaned back and ran his hands down Cable’s body. “All laid out and ready to give yourself to me. Just like a pie ready to be eaten up.” He pulled Vince’s body back, so that the younger man was on his hands and knees. “Relax for me, ’cause here I come.” He pushed forward and met marked resistance. Cable nearly screamed as the hard cock pushed against his opening. There was an incredible pressure and his body didn’t want to give. He gasped and grunted, but the triceratops didn’t pull back. He tried to lay down, get away from the pain but the triceratops held his hips tight. Nothing else mattered at that moment. Only the incredible pressure from the rock hard cock pushing inside his ass. And before he knew it the head popped through the tight ring. It burned and he screamed and tried to pull away but the triceratops was there pressing more into him. He flattened his body, but the triceratops followed, all the time shushing and talking sweetly to him in his ear. But he couldn’t hear the words, only felt the burning inside his body as the intruder snaked its way further inside. “Please stop!” “Almost there, baby.” “No, stop now.” “If I stop now, you’ll never want to do this again.” “I don’t want to do it now.” “It’ll get better.” the triceratops reached beneath Cable and fondled his cock. “I promise.” The cock inside him withdrew a bit, then slid deeper; that accompanied with the hand on his cock made him groan. The pain had lessened and when the dinosaur above him rotated his hips, it sent waves of pleasure throughout his body. “Oh man, do that again.” The triceratops smiled. “What? This?” He rotated his hips, so that he knew he’d brush Cable’s prostate each time. The man beneath him trembled, gasped, and actually pushed back on his cock. “That’s the way baby.” He wasn’t sure what came over him, but he pushed back up to his knees and actually found himself impaling his body onto the hard cock. Each thrust brought new life to his cock, and before he knew it he was begging for more. The triceratops heard the quiet pleas, felt the trembling body in front of him and sped up his thrusts. This brought gasps and ‘oh yeahs’ into the picture and he knew he’d won Cable over. “You’ve played around, but never did this, right?” “Right. How’d you know?” “You’re so tight I can barely move in here.” “Sorry.” “Don’t be, kid. It’s wonderful.” “You feel good too.” “Oh, you like that little old thing?” “It may be old, but no … ” He gasped as the triceratops slammed into him. “No way you’re little.” The triceratops laughed and started pounding into him hard and fast. The tightness of Cable’s ass was milking him for all he was worth. It wouldn’t be long until he released his load deep inside the ass he so much admired. He stroked the cock in his hand and all at once felt Cable tense, his ass clamping down hard, and felt the hot fluid spill over his hand. “That’s the way, baby.” He stroked Cable’s back and caressed him as he calmed down. “My turn.” “Yeah,” came the whisper. The triceratops stretched out above Cable and pounded into his ass. He clamped his slick hand over Cable’s and held tight as he ploughed between those bubble cheeks. He was merciless and he knew it. The poor man wouldn’t walk straight for days, but this was his moment. It was what he wanted more than anything right now; this body submitting to him, begging for his desire, his passion. he gave it all, not holding back even as Vince whimpered and grunted in time with his thrusts. This was no time for gentleness; this was the time for harsh reality. His cock up this human’s ass made him feel alive; his submission made him feel powerful. When he felt his release approach he kissed Vince’s neck and worked his way down. he spread his thighs, pulled him to his knees and slammed into him as hard as he could. It wasn’t long before he was screaming with Vince, his cock twitching and pumping inside the man’s ass. He fell forward, crushing Cable to the semen and sweat stained mattress, and gently bit his shoulder as the sweet ass squeezed the last of his cum from him. “Oh, Vince.” The only words he muttered before he took a deep breath. Cable fought to catch his breath. He had to yank his hand from beneath his hip and wipe the semen on the sheet beside him. Let’s face it, he was a busy man; he barely had time to eat, let alone have sex. Reaching his release twice in one night was unheard of – but tonight was different. Tonight was special. Tonight he had his first human-to-dinosaur sexual experience. Nothing would ever match it, but now wasn’t the time to compare. Now was the time to try and get this huge dinosaur off his back. “Triceratops?” “Hmmmm?” “You’re heavy.” “You’re complaining?” “Not really, but … ” “Oh, I see. All the fun is done, hit the road, huh?” “No, just roll to the side.” The triceratops rolled and he followed. He winced when the large cock, still partially engorged, pulled from his body with a pop. “Ohhhh, did that thing slam shut or what?” he saw the look of embarrassment on the young man’s face and pulled him close. “It’s okay, didn’t mean to embarrass you.” “You apologised for something. Wow.” “Don’t let it go to your head, kid.” the triceratops pressed his body tight against Cable’s back. “I have to clean up first.” “Yeah, right. Don’t be long.” the triceratops stripped the bed and put fresh sheets on while Vince was in the bathroom. Almost ten minutes later he emerged, looking very pale and nervous. ” What’s wrong?” “Nothing.” Cable climbed into bed and covered up. He turned away when the triceratops returned from the bathroom. He slipped in bed behind Vince and snuggled close. His cock, still somewhat hard, rested between the human’s cheek. “You sleepy? I might want to do it again.” “Not right now, okay?” “What’s the matter?” the triceratops tugged him close and kissed his ear. “Tell me.” “A little blood.” “Oh, well, that’s okay. I’ll take it easy on you next time. That sweet little ass is kind of tight, but we’ll get it opened up.” Cable looked back at him and he kissed the pouty lips. “It’s okay.” “Thanks.” “Go to sleep, baby. I’ll hold you all night.”

dinostory number five

“I wish you would occasionally shut up and listen,” Philip Schofield complains, glaring at him from across the table. They are alone in the room, it is well past three in the morning and there is no more beer left, but they are too carried away to notice, engrossed in their verbal duel. They are both twenty, cocky, bright, and ambitious, and it is no great wonder that the quick-tongued TV presenter has noticed the outspoken, forceful dinosaur in his midst. The tyrannosaur is outraged at the news of Philip being a rogue operator, but in the end, the differences only draw them closer together. Both have a passion for golf; and it is not long before their late evening debates move from the golf course to a pub – and then, to the tyrannosaur’s lair.
“Stop whingeing, you are talking bollocks anyway,” Philip taunts, and is surprised when his dinosaur lover does not laugh with him. The fool looks hurt; Philip never expected him to be so thin-skinned, and wants to make it up to the tyrannosaur, but he has never been good at apologies, and is too tired and drunk to think clearly – they both are – and instead he leans over the table and grabs the dinosaur – and kisses him – and before either man or dinosaur knows what is happening, they are frantically pawing at each other, the heat of their debate transforming into the heat of desire.
Two years later it all comes apart. The tyrannosaur is too keen to start a good career; he is still torn between attacking passing cars and making his dinosaur lair, but he is cautious enough to know that having a relationship with Philip Schofield could spell disaster in either case. Philip watches him slowly drift away, listens in quiet disgust to flimsy excuses; keeps a stony face when the tyrannosaurus tells him, avoiding his eyes, that they should stop seeing each other. It hurts to be at once deprived of the intellectual challenge and of the physical intimacy; actually it hurts more than Philip is willing to admit even to himself, but he pushes the memories to the back of his mind and tells himself never to trust a dinosaur ever again.
Now, more than twenty years later, he can say he has kept his word.
Looking at each other across the eerie swampland, it is only natural that they pretend to be little more than strangers, greeting each other with unpleasant, rigid smiles. The surprising part is seeing the dinosaur unable to tune him out. All too often he feels those limpid grey-blue eyes on his face, watches the dinosaur blushing at being caught. He must still care in a repressed, twisted way; and it has become Philip’s secret pleasure to taunt the dinosaur, alternately ignore him and irritate him with manifest scorn and revel in the dinosaur’s loss of composure, a reminder of the reptile’s humanity. It is a very slow dance, but the pace does nothing to blunt the vicious edge.
And yet…
This is too close to the hidden shrine of Philip’s memories, too much proof that there is still a human lurking underneath the glossy surface; enough to slam Philip’s mouth back onto those thin lips, to get his hands roaming hungrily over the dinosaur’s body; he notices that the dinosaur makes no move to resist, he moans needily as Philip’s hand seeks out his cock and his own hand sneaks up to grab at the back of Philip’s neck – before the presenter wakes up and the dinosaur tips his head back, for once dishevelled and defenceless, and breathes, “Philip… we can’t.”
Philip regards him with a bitter laugh and is rewarded with a look of hurt in the tyrannosaurus’s face. Then just as he takes a step back, the dinosaur lunges after him, grabbing him by the arm, seeking out his eyes with a pleading look.
“Philip, please… I’m sorry, I’m so sorry it has to be this way. I –“ he hesitates before taking the plunge.”I – miss you. But it doesn’t mean that I ever stopped caring. It’s just… we can’t do this, I’m sorry…” – the dinosaur cups Philip’s face in his hands, perhaps the most unguarded Philip has seen him in twenty five years, and just for once, Philip does not feel like making a snide comeback.
“Fuck off,” he says weakly, brushes off those tiny little dinosaur hands, and staggers away.


A few minutes later, alone in a Broadcasting House corridor, he pulls the BlackBerry out of his pocket and scrolls down the list of bookmarks to an old interview. He remembers the quote, but somehow seeing it onscreen makes it a bit more real.
“I spent the best years of my life engaged in hot dinosaur-human sex,” he reads the dinosaur’s words, oblivious to his own wistful smile.

The strain is unbearable; both have sought to forget their encounter, burying themselves in work,… and yet the moment they set their eyes on each other on Dinosaur island, the tension and suppressed anger and desperate need comes bursting through the surface.


Philip is charitable; it does not happen often, least of all with the dinosaur these days, but in this case he cannot help being flattered
He is not at all surprised to get the text.
Be at 24 XXXX Street, flat 3C, at 9 pm tonight, – it gives him an eminently well-heeled but discreet Mayfair address. Philip laughs and is surprised at himself for lack of bitterness; he either takes this for his ultimate victory, or is just too damn glad the bastard wants to play, and too turned on. Don’t worry, I’ll do anything to keep the right to taunt you, he sends back.
They practically pounce on each other as soon as the dinosaur opens the door for him, stumbling inside the flat – a trusted and absent friend’s place, he reckons, looking at the costly appointments – and as they all but fall on top of each other onto the living room sofa, Philip is glad he had not brought the bottle of wine he had had half a mind to take with him. That would have been a good St Emilion to have broken on the carpet, he figures, as their hands claw at each other in greedy hunger, Philip practically in the dinosaur’s lap, they are left looking at each other with a quiet laugh, relief mixed with regret for time lost and disappointments gained, but relief nonetheless.
“I’ve missed you,” the dinosaur repeats his words from a month ago. “Oh how I’ve missed you.” He moves to bury his giant face in the crook of Philip’s neck, but Philip stays him and cups his sharp chin and takes his mouth, tasting and reclaiming and teasing. He is rewarded with a telltale needy moan, “Isn’t it a bit late to change your mind?” he taunts, but there is a cold sliver of fear in his chest; what if the dinosaur does change his mind, what if they end up walking away from this, apart again?
“I don’t know… how long I can make it last if you… if you do this,” the dinosaur finishes breathlessly, and Philip smiles against his lips. He’s always been a touch too sensitive… but then it adds to the fun. And to the teasing.
The dinosaur smiles blissfully up at him, and releases his hand.
Philip tugs down his trousers and shorts, exposing pale, pampered flesh and keeps on stroking. The dinosaur tries to reciprocate, reaching out for Philip’s belt with his tiny free hand – the one that is not buried in Philip’s hair – but Philip waves him away. His greatest satisfaction for now shall be in vicariously partaking in the dinosaur’s undoing. For now.
He is mercilessly gentle, and uncommonly patient, and subtly possessive. Back in their early twenties, they were happy to be carried away by lust as fast and as far as it would take them, but now they have the benefit of experience and the luxury of privacy and Philip can take his time. It’s definitely worth it; he watches in intense wonder as the dinosaur’s face comes alive before him, the inscrutable and flawless mask melting into helpless, desperate need. The dinosaur bites his lip and sucks in air and tries not to moan, scrunching his eyes closed, and Philip commands the tyrannosaurus to look at him, craving his reward in watching the dinosaur’s look of blissful surrender.
“Please, let me… at least let me kiss you,” the dinosaur breathes, and Philip complies, pulling away to see the other man straining to reach his lips, dipping his mouth for short, teasing kisses and relishing the dinosaur’s annoyed little moans whenever their lips part. He has given up on averting his eyes from Philip’s, and Philip takes this as his opportunity to take things up another notch, first stroking the dinosaur’s chest with his other hand, gently tweaking his nipples, tracing his fingers over his lover’s stomach, before hitching up one of the dinosaur’s thighs and pressing his own painfully intense erection against the tyrannosaurus’s crotch. the dinosaur groans in earnest and tips back his head, lost in the sensation, his stomach tightening, and Philip dips his head again to kiss his exposed neck, nibbling at his Adam’s apple. “You like this, you slut.” It is not meant as an insult, for once.
“I love it,” the dinosaur moans back at him. “Please…” he goes on, when Philip inadvertently slows down the rhythm, himself getting carried away by his arousal, “please, Philip, don’t stop now…” He is past the point of no return, and past caring.
When he gasps and shudders through his climax, Philip feels the last vestiges of his bitterness melt away; he strokes the dinosaur’s face with his free hand, settles down next to him on the plush sofa to cradle the dinosaur’s giant scaly head against his chest, and presses small, tender kisses against the side of his face. He is not even sure what he is so damn grateful for; the raw unguardedness of the moment. He watches his lover through the aftershocks, reaches down to pick up his own shirt from the floor – and cleans them both off before settling back down on the cushions. The dinosaur’s face gradually reassembles into something like a conscious expression from its previous blissful blank-slate state, though the expression is still one of uncharacteristic trusting tenderness. – for seeing his former and current love like this, for filling his place at the dinosaur’s side, but it is a futile regret. Their lives have taken them too far past the point when they could afford to be exclusive, and the best that they can do now is be grateful for what they can have. Hell, earlier that morning they had no way of knowing they’d get this far by nightfall.
The tyrannosaur turns his scaly face to kiss Philip’s chest, and reaches for his belt again with fresh determination, but Philip stops him once more. “Let’s go to the bedroom,” he suggests. He was willing to indulge the tyrannosaur in his impatience, but for himself, he wants to take things slow and wants to be comfortable. “Assuming there is one.”
“Oh, there is,” the tyrannosaur offers readily, “and the bed’s positively huge,” he continues with a saucy grin.
They arrange themselves on top of the duvet, and the tyrannosaur leans over to kiss his stomach while his hand starts stroking, and Philip does his best not to show how wild the tyrannosaur is driving him with his caresses – call it pride or call it craving more – and is caught off guard, his indulgent amusement turning to barely contained desperation when his lover’s mouth engulfs him, the first over-eager and slightly awkward laps of his tongue soon giving way to an expertly through caress. “You slut,” he whispers again, hoping the tyrannosaur won’t pick up on his amazement. Whoever he has been with in the meantime, time and experience have rendered him incredibly proficient. Philip tries biting his lip to silence himself – he still won’t let the tyrannosaur see him come undone completely – then tries pressing his face against the pillow, and finally asks – begs? – his lover to stop and pulls him up by his arm, letting him kiss his way up Philip’s body until their lips rest together and they resume kissing. This way, at least, they are both getting equally excited; Philip more so, what with the tyrannosaur’s hand doing wickedly decadent things to him, but he can get back at his lover by kissing him so thoroughly that the tyrannosaur almost loses his rhythm. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face, Philip laughs inwardly. This is perhaps his final conscious thought as he is soon caught in the blinding intensity of need and starts bucking against his lover’s touch, his movements getting more frantic until he collapses with an urgent groan, dimly aware of the tyrannosaur’s fingers tracing his cheek as he rides out the wave of pleasure, their lips still pressed together. It is a long time before either of them moves; and even then it is only for the tyrannosaur to reach over to the nightstand for a tissue to wipe them off before lazily pulling the duvet on top of them and nestling back into Philip’s arms.

“Was it good?” the tyrannosaur asks him unexpectedly, his voice incongruously uncertain.
“Just shut up.” Philip gathers him up and wraps himself around his lover’s back. “It was bloody perfect,” he concedes.
They are asleep before they know it, both of their hectic lives making restful sleep a rare luxury, but Philip eventually wakes up to the realisation that he is lying in a strange bedroom, his arms wrapped around a dinosaur, and almost jumps in shock. He has not done this since Oxford; he has been with his wife, and faithful, It is him again; they are together again, if only for one night, and as he remembers the amazing madness that preceded this moment, and relief and thrill mix together in an overwhelming rush, he pulls his still-sleeping lover closer and, when he once again finds himself fully erect, he presses against the dinosaur’s buttocks, rocking and sliding against him, slowly and carefully at first, trying not to wake him, but soon giving up his guard as the urge intensifies.
The tyrannosaur wakes up with the tiniest of starts; he is not surprised, the slut, to find himself in this position – but Philip is oddly touched when the tyrannosaur calls his name without turning around to look at him first, just after running his fingers over Philip’s forearm; still recognising him from the old memories, Philip hopes. He starts an awkward apology, saying he did not mean to wake the tyrannosaur up, but the dinosaur interrupts him almost immediately.
“Don’t talk nonsense,” he quips in his fierce growling voice, but for once Philip finds the guttural roar endearing. “I couldn’t possibly think of a better way of waking up. And I’d rather hope you’d continue,” he prompts quietly.

Philip hides his silly broad smile against his lover’s back. “That is easily done,” he responds as he presses them together again and rocks his body against the tyrannosaur’s.
He wonders if this will be enough for either of them to eventually go over the edge, but is not allowed to continue with the thought when the tyrannosaur takes his hand from where it was pressed against his chest and slowly sucks Philip’s index finger into his mouth before letting go and saying, ignoring Philip’s hiss of increased arousal, “So… are we going to go on like this, or are you going to fuck me eventually?”
The slut.
Philip stops, turns the tyrannosaur’s face toward him, and looks him in the eye. “If that’s what you want,” he mutters.

“I’d like nothing better,” the tyrannosaur assures him quickly,. “Fuck’s sake, Philip, I’ve not had a chance like this, with you, for how many –“
Philip cuts him short, pushing away the unbidden pain. “Oh, just stop it.” His arms tighten around his lover’s body, and he fears that he may not stop himself in time from becoming a sentimental wreck, but the lingering lust saves him. “Did you bring what it takes?” he asks, watching in quiet amusement as the tyrannosaur sits up with sudden eagerness to get the condoms and lube, heretofore concealed, from the nightstand drawer. The shameless, filthy, adorable slut.
“Roll over,” he commands, and is rewarded not only with the tyrannosaur’s obedience, but also with noticing his flushed face, the heightened colour obvious even in the very dim light, its only source a street lamp outside. “And spread your cheeks for me,” he adds, thinking with wicked satisfaction of what kind of blush that must have provoked, even though he cannot see it with the tyrannosaur’s face against the pillow. He pours enough of the sticky substance onto his fingers and reaches over to slowly spread it on his lover’s body, the tiniest, slowest movement of his fingers punctuated by the tyrannosaur’s lustful moans. He takes his time, teasing his lover to shameless desperation, reaching over with his other hand to pump him from below, his cheek resting on the tyrannosaur’s shoulder blade and his lips pressed against the smooth skin.
“Ready?” he asks when the moaning gets particularly insistent.
“Hell yes, I’ve been ready for…”
“Shut up,” he snaps, hoping that the tyrannosaur was not about to say “twenty years” and ruin it all. “Just shut up.”
He keeps his hand on the tyrannosaur’s cock as he kneels behind him, carefully timing each movement to slowly press in when he stays his hand and the tyrannosaur’s body reflexively relaxes. In his blackest, most furious fantasies after they broke up – after the tyrannosaur broke up with him, his memory offers helpfully, but he kicks it away, – he wished, once or twice, that he could have his former lover at his mercy to take and use and abuse him as he pleased, to inflict bodily suffering and humiliation in return for the mental – and yes, emotional – anguish he had been left in. But now that the tyrannosaur is completely at his mercy, giving in to him, letting him inside, all he can feel is an overpowering surge of gentleness mixed in with the white-hot lust. It is infinitely more enjoyable to cause and witness this sort of surrender, willing and eager and loving and oh so pleasurable… to them both, if the tyrannosaur’s bucking hips and incoherent little cries are anything to go by. Philip Schofield might consider teasing his lover, but no longer trusts himself to speak for fear of uttering moans to rival the tyrannosaur’s; he shuts his eyes tight and lets his chest brush against the tyrannosaur’s back and kisses the back of the dinosaur’s neck, the movements of his hand on the tyrannosaur’s cock becoming more frantic until the tyrannosaur screams out – there is no other way of describing it – and goes almost completely still, and Philip kisses his neck again and gently pulls away but the tyrannosaur begs him not to. “Please… I want you to… come inside me,” he entreats, and Philip is only too happy to oblige, thrusting until his mind goes blank. He no longer cares what he himself sounds like at that moment.
Surprisingly, they stay awake after this, their preceding nap having apparently provided them with enough rest. Lazily, the tyrannosaur sits up on the bed and stretches before standing up and announcing that he is going to the shower. “Care to join?” he cocks an eyebrow at Philip. Philip rather felt like just lying in bed for a while, but a shower together is not an easy prospect to turn down. He makes a mock-grudging grunt of assent and follows.
It is strange seeing each other’s faces now, he thinks, when the heat of desire has subsided and they are no longer shrouded by the near-darkness of the bedroom. They are no longer student lovers enjoying their furtive encounters at Oxford; never mind that their bodies are no longer lithe and lean, and yet here they are, still clinging to each other, caressing and stroking under the warm torrent.


Strange, he thinks again, but not unwelcome.
They towel each other off, chuckling to themselves, before coming back to the bedroom. the tyrannosaur, the sneaky bastard, has snagged the only sumptuous bathrobe, leaving Philip with a towel as an impromptu cover-up and managing to look vaguely regal even in a completely shagged-out state. Philip is momentarily alarmed to see the tyrannosaur wince as he sits down.
“Does it hurt?” he asks quietly. He knows he’s tried his best to be careful, but there’s no telling if he really was, in the heat of the moment.
The tyrannosaur looks up at him in momentary incomprehension, and chuckles. “Oh no, no, it’s not what you think, not at all… just my back getting stiff,” he waves it away.
“You sure?” Philip Schofield insists. “Let me put some lube inside you, just in case.”
“Philip,” the tyrannosaur pleads, “we’ve just fucked each other’s brains out. You’ve fucked mine out, at any rate. Do you think I can take any more… excitement at this point?”
“You silly, it’s not what I mean,” Philip counters. “Just to be sure you’re all right.”
“Oh, all right,” the tyrannosaur submits with an exaggerated show of exasperation; as Philip’s fingers skim his body again, Philip himself wonders if they have exhausted their desires for the night. At their age, it would not be an unreasonable assumption, but clearly neither of them is willing to call it a night and go home.
“Don’t know about you, but I’m hungry,” the tyrannosaur tells him, standing up – still hiding his embarrassment at letting Philip minister to him. “If you want, I’ll see if I can put together some manner of breakfast.”
Before he is gone, Philip gets up, pops into the bathroom to rinse the lube off his hands, and catches up with him, hugging him from behind. “Good idea.”
In a way, it is even more surreal than the shower; having breakfast in the middle of the night in a borrowed flat in Mayfair cooked for him by the tyrannosaur – the dinosaur, for fuck’s sake, but it adds to the fun – and by now Philip cannot even remotely deny that he is enjoying himself. It brings back endless memories of similar untimely impromptu breakfasts and heated trysts in their Oxford days, and for the first time, the pain is no longer there when those memories surface. That, he supposes, is what he must really be grateful for; no matter how often or how rarely he and the tyrannosaur may see each other privately again, he can think of those days without rancour and treasure them without anguish. Unselfconsciously, he takes the tyrannosaur’s hand across the table, stroking his thumb over his lover’s tiny fingers. “Thank you.”
“The pleasure is all mine,” the tyrannosaur replies with a saucy smirk, and Philip is momentarily embarrassed at his sentimentality, choosing instead to attribute his gratitude to the tyrannosaur’s cooking.
“Still, you cook a pretty mean omelette, for a dinosaur,” Philip winks at him, and chuckles as the tyrannosaur shakes his head in mock protest.
They take their time over the meal – and Philip is surreptitiously excited to notice that their gazes start lingering on each other toward the end of it, imbued with a different sort of hunger. Incredible; so long as they are face to face without others’ eyes and ears trained upon them, they apparently cannot keep themselves off each other. He wonders what they will do next as he gathers up the plates and carries them to the sink; with the tyrannosaur having done the cooking, he might as well help with the washing up – but he is barely at the counter when the tyrannosaur makes the next decision for him, striding up to him, pinning him against the counter, and pulling away the towel from around his waist before kneeling on top of it in front of him.
“You don’t need to do this to get me to help with the housework,” Philip begins, but soon just closes his eyes and tips back his head as his hands run over the tyrannosaur’s great head. Whatever it was he did that made the tyrannosaur want to do this, he is grateful for it.
The tyrannosaur’s reasons soon become apparent when he stands up and leans to murmur in Philip’s ear, “No, I don’t, but I figured it would be a good way to get you to fuck me again.”


As much as he is flattered, Philip is amazed – both at the tyrannosaur’s eagerness and, frankly, at his own responsiveness. At their age, having two orgasms a night is pretty good; three is bloody incredible. And yet it looks like they are about to go for it, if his own body grinding against the tyrannosaur’s hand is any indication. Before he can ask if his lover intends to go back to the bedroom, the tyrannosaur sits on the kitchen counter and pulls at the bathrobe belt while raising one leg on top of the counter, looking seductive and profoundly decadent, and damned irresistible. Philip stands between his legs and leans over to kiss him, their tongues lapping at each other as he reaches for the nearest thing to lube he can get within reach – a bottle of oil – and awkwardly pours some into his hand behind the tyrannosaur’s back. ”Lean back”, he commands and the tyrannosaur complies, and he repeats the ritual of stroking and probing and stretching until the tyrannosaur’s eyes are dark and desperate and his bottom lip is scarlet from being bitten too many times and until he heard the tyrannosaur’s “fuck me” enough times to fear for his own endurance. He pushes in, slowly, and wraps his hand around the tyrannosaur’s cock again, caressing him in rhythm, and pulls him closer with his other hand on the tyrannosaur’s shoulder to bring their lips together again, kissing his lover as he thrusts. They start slowly, but the intensity keeps building, fuelled by their continued kisses and smouldering looks and by the sight of his lover in splendid disarray on the kitchen counter, with Philip grinding his hips against his lover’s crotch, seeking out the perfect angle that, once attained, makes the tyrannosaur’s’ eyes roll back, and when they finally crash with surprisingly well-aligned timing, they cry out each other’s names in the heat of climax for the first time in more than twenty years.
It is nearly five o’clock when they are ready to leave the apartment, the need for secrecy urging them to return to their respective residences. They linger just inside the door of the flat, too sated to feel lust but still longing for each other’s company.
“I wish we didn’t have to leave,” the tyrannosaur sighs, and Philip knows it to be the cue for goodbyes. They cannot leave together, and the tyrannosaur will have to wait until Philip is gone before calling his driver.
“Shut up, Philip,” he mutters against Philip Schofield’s ear. “Just shut up.”


dinostory number four

John Humphrys and the velociraptor had decided to take the opportunity to play a friendly game of tennis, which had turned competitive very quickly.


The velociraptor supposed it was only to be expected, what with them both having been captains at their respective institutions. John was easy going, until he started to lose; at which point he would play to win. The velociraptor had toyed with the idea of letting John get away with this, his pleasure at seeing John happy almost over-riding his desire to show John how good he was at tennis…almost.


The velociraptor smiled as he remembered John’s shocked face as he threw himself across the court to return the BBC presenters winning or so he thought backhand. The velociraptor’s smile turned rueful as his shoulder twinged in pain. He already regretted it.


The tennis game had been purely friendly, with no sexual tension involved; well other than the tension that always existed between the two partners, but as soon as they were back in the car on the way home, the situation changed. Seeing John with his hair a mess, his face flushed red and sweaty reminded the velociraptor of how John looked after sex; and no matter how he tried, he couldn’t clear the image from his head.


The velociraptor watched John talk, but took in nothing but the movement of John’s hands, the flick of his tongue as he licked his lips, the muscularity of his legs as he stretched them out in front of him; the velociraptor could feel himself getting more and more aroused and started to squirm in the seat to try and ease his frustration. John placed a hand on the velociraptor’s arm with a concerned look in his eyes, clearly thinking the velociraptor was in pain because of his fall, but the velociraptor could only smile and shake his head slightly, unable to tell John the real cause of his obvious discomfort.


Thankfully, the car reached their secret love nest quickly and as soon as they were through John’s front door, the velociraptor pushed John back against it, kissing him roughly. The velociraptor stepped back breathlessly. “I’ll be in the shower,” he said, and he went upstairs, nearly running in his desire to feel John naked against him.


The velociraptor stepped in to the shower. He turned on the warm stream of water and bowed his head, his eyes closed; letting the powerful jets just flow over him.


The velociraptor pretended not to notice when he heard the door open and John walk in to the shower room. Through willpower alone, he did not turn to see John Humphrys strip off his tennis clothes; but he shivered with anticipation of John’s touch as he felt him step in to the shower behind him.


John’s eyes drank in the sight of the velociraptor before him. He slowly moved forward and placed his hands on the velociraptor’s hurt shoulder, massaging it gently. As the velociraptor sighed with relief at the released tension, John laughed; “You really threw yourself into that game today didn’t you? But you know, you don’t have to try and impress me, dear dinosaur…”


John’s hands ran down the velociraptor’s arms as he pressed himself up against his dinosaur companion, leaning forward to whisper lustfully in the velociraptor’s ear, “You impress me more than enough already.”


John kissed the velociraptor’s shoulder softly, his hands moving from the velociraptor’s arms around to his chest, his fingers reaching the velociraptor’s scaly head. As his kisses travelled to the velociraptor’s neck, becoming ever more passionate, John found the velociraptor’s nipple and flicked it gently, eliciting a gasp from his lover.


The velociraptor could feel John’s arousal pressing in to his back, and could take it no longer; he needed to touch John. The velociraptor turned to face him; his hands wrapping around John’s waist, pulling him as close as possible; both man and dinosaur groaning at the contact of their erections.


John’s hands curled around to the back of the velociraptor’s neck and he pulled the velociraptor towards him for a deep, passionate kiss. Their tongues mingled with the taste of the water cascading over them, and as they opened their eyes, blinking slightly as the water ran over their eyelashes, John could hardly believe how beautiful the velociraptor looked.


John reached for the shower gel on the shelf behind the velociraptor, and opened it, pouring some of the soap into his hands. He started at the velociraptor’s shoulders, rubbing the soap gently in to them, trailing his hands down the velociraptor’s long sinewy arms. John slid his hands up and down the velociraptor’s chest, and then lightly traced a finger over the velociraptor’s erection, nearly causing him to buckle.


John grinned and knelt down in front of the velociraptor. He wrapped his hands around the velociraptor’s legs, rubbing the soap into his muscular calves and thighs. John was careful to only touch the velociraptor’s cock with occasional teasing strokes; each one making him moan. John looked up to see the velociraptor had leant his head back, his eyes closed and his lips parted, breathlessly awaiting John’s next touch.


John licked his lips and opened his mouth to take in the tip of the velociraptor’s erection, gripping the velociraptor’s hips as he bucked forward involuntarily. He kept his eyes on his partner’s face as he swirled his tongue around the head, taking care to reach every part of the velociraptor he could. John sucked the velociraptor deeper into his mouth, his hands gripping the velociraptor more tightly as he watched the velociraptor’s breathing hitch and feared he might buckle.


The velociraptor clenched his hands into fists at his sides, his eyes tightly shut, relishing the feel of John’s warm, wet mouth around him. John was so expert at this, and so loving in his administrations of pleasure, that some days it was all the velociraptor could do to stop himself from begging John to make him come.


John Humphrys used one of his hands to grip the base of the velociraptor’s shaft, moving it in tandem with his mouth, his rhythm slow and gentle. John was happy to have the chance to tease the velociraptor like this, making him slowly come apart. So often the two lovers had to make do with quick stolen moments and John often longed for the times they could take their time with each other, his hands and mouth exploring every part of the dinosaur he loved so much.


John found it so hard every day to stop himself from even stroking the velociraptor’s scaly hand. He had to make do with affectionate pats on the arm, knowing that he really wanted to kiss the velociraptor and tell the whole world how he felt; to tell everyone that his heart belonged to the velociraptor.


John licked and sucked the velociraptor harder, his partner’s returning moans making him clench his thighs in an effort to create friction for himself. The velociraptor’s breathing was becoming shallower and his gasps and moans more and more audible.


The velociraptor, however still wanted more. He wanted to come with John inside of him. The velociraptor looked down at John and his heart constricted. The velociraptor also knew that at the party tonight, he’d have to keep his distance and it was more than he could bear. The velociraptor longed to feel John holding him, to hear John moaning out his name; sex was the only time that John was ever really his and he needed John Humphrys now.


The velociraptor reached down and stroked John’s hair gently with his little pointy hands. John looked up and the velociraptor pushed him back slightly. John sat back on his calves, confused. “I need you in me John…please fuck me.”


John’s cock twitched at the rough sound of the velociraptor’s voice and he stood up quickly. John ran his fingers into the velociraptor’s hair and kissed him sweetly, their tongues sliding over each others gently, until John could take it no more and stepped back, turning the velociraptor round to face the wall. The velociraptor reached out with his spindly dino-arms for the white tiles, bracing himself for John.


John stroked his length; the sight of the velociraptor standing ready for him turning him on beyond belief. Not for the first time, John felt lucky that he got to be with the velociraptor this way; the velociraptor had made himself so vulnerable for John, both personally and professionally and John knew that he could never take advantage of that fact.


John pushed the velociraptor’s legs wider apart with his knee, stroking his hand up the inside of the velociraptor’s thigh until he reached the velociraptor’s entrance. He traced one soapy finger around the velociraptor’s entrance, still wanting to tease him.


“John, please…” the velociraptor was whining now, desperate for John’s touch inside of him. John took pity on the velociraptor, and pushed his long slender finger deep inside, his left hand snaking around to grip the velociraptor’s shaft. He moved into a rhythm, slowly pushing more fingers into the velociraptor, spreading them out while keeping his strokes on the velociraptor’s cock constant and firm.


John moved back, removing his fingers, and positioned himself carefully. He held the velociraptor’s slender hips, groaning out the velociraptor’s name as he pushed into him. Fuck, the velociraptor felt so incredible around him. John moved in slight thrusts, wanting to take his time, as he moved his long fingers back around to touch the velociraptor.


John kissed the velociraptor’s neck, sucking gently on it, wanting to leave his mark, wanting to have some tangible evidence that this had happened between the two of them. So often he was forced to forget that he loved the velociraptor, forget that the two of them ever held each other in this way. the velociraptor’s gasps at John’s touch only spurred him on, and as the velociraptor started to buck forward into his hand more sporadically, John could resist no more; he started to thrust harder and deeper into the velociraptor.


“John…fuck…John,” the velociraptor was close, his hips bucking wildly; he threw his head back against John’s shoulder for support, and hearing his lover groan his name in pleasure made John’s moans catch in his throat. John’s whole body tensed and he thrust himself once more as deeply as he could into the velociraptor as he came, nearly screaming out the velociraptor’s name in his lust.


The feel of John releasing inside of him was enough to push the velociraptor over the edge and he came hard, releasing a torrent of swear words intermingled with a language that John didn’t understand. John held the velociraptor close, needing to feel the velociraptor against him for as long as possible before the inevitable pretence they would need to partake in as soon as their real lives encroached on this precious moment.


Eventually though, both man and dinosaur had to move and when John turned off the shower and reached for the green bath towel on the rack, the velociraptor gripped his wrist to hold him back. He pulled John close; kissing him with such desperation that the lovers nearly slipped over.


“I love you, John,” the velociraptor said as their lips parted; his voice emotional and husky. John turned away, slight tears pricking his eyes. John grabbed the towel and wrapped it around the velociraptor, kissing him gently on the forehead. “I love you too; completely.”


The velociraptor opened the towel, allowing John to hold him, and the velociraptor wrapped it back around both of them this time. John traced the love bite on the velociraptor’s neck with his tongue and smiled, knowing what he’d be thinking about at the party that night. The velociraptor saw John’s smile and grinned himself, knowing he would be thinking about it too. They kissed, both of them holding on to this moment, hoping it would sustain them when they were forced to be apart.

dinostory number three

The cacophony of the jet engines filled David Miliband’s ears as he made his way up the metallic steps, past the waiting stewardess and into the airplane. He glanced around briefly, taking in the plush surroundings of the small jet before taking his seat opposite a smiling stegosaurus. The man and his dinosaur companion were heading back to the UK after a rare joint trip overseas on a whistle stop tour of Dinosaur Island.

“I’m surprised security allowed this.” David said as he clipped his seat belt into position over his lap. He glanced out of the window, the sun was almost below the horizon and the airport lights twinkled in the cloak of dusky twilight that was starting to fall on the coast of Dinosaur Island. David turned his attention back to the man who sat opposite him as he spoke.

“Yeah… me too, I thought they’d have stuck me on the next available budget airline flight, while you get to enjoy the dilophosaurus’s very kind gesture without me to cramp your style.” The stegosaurus’s smile was wide and endearing as he joked with his colleague. “I’m sure security has taken all the appropriate actions and precautions to ensure your safety, David. Relax and enjoy the flight. Take the opportunity to rest.”

David Miliband nodded slowly in response to favourite dinosaur’s suggestion; he let his eyes remain on the stegosaurus, watching as the other man went back to reading his newspaper, his long leg folded so his ankle rested on his other knee, providing himself with a surface to rest the paper on. He looked at the other passengers who filled the sparse but luxurious seats; they were mostly smaller dinosaurs; microceratops, compsognathus – not his type at all; David noted that they looked as tired as he felt; no doubt allowing themselves to slip into the clutches of much needed rest after the few hectic days they had all endured. A stewardess made a number of safety checks and asked the stegosaurus to put his paper away ready for takeoff. the stegosaurus dutifully placed his paper in the appropriate place after offering a charming smile to the stewardess who blushed before taking her own seat at the back of the airplane. David shook his head, a wry smile on his lips as he caught the stegosaurus’s eye, the stegosaurus silently mouthed “what?” back towards David as he held up his hands, a look of mock innocence plastered all over his reptilian features.

The airplane taxied from its location and after clearance from traffic control it was thundering down the runway. David gripped the end of his seat’s armrests, it didn’t matter how many flights he took, he could never really relax on a flight and the surging sensation as the jet left the runway and became airborne was a feeling that he never welcomed. It wasn’t that he was scared of flying he just couldn’t appreciate the lack of control he had. He looked across at the stegosaurus again, a perfect picture of relaxation; head reclined, eyes closed and arms gently resting on the large arm rests. David welcomed the serene look on the dinosaur’s face, he had become increasingly worried of late over the stegosaurus’s state of mind – having a relationship with a senior politician can cause issues to even the most sturdy of dinosaurs. David recalled the look his brother Ed had given him when he first brought the stegosaurus home, and gave a shudder.
Over the ten months or so they had worked together David and the stegosaurus had learnt a lot about each other and although they both publicly denied it, it was obvious to their close colleagues that they they had become good friends; but what those close colleagues didn’t know was that David had fallen head over heels for the dinosaur. David had tried to keep his feelings to himself but in moments when he found himself alone in the stegosaurus’s company it was hard for him not to join in with the stegosaurus’s contagious flirtatious manner, but he doubted that the stegosaurus held the same feelings for David, he was just being the stegosaurus;  stubborn, infuriating but oh so gorgeous.

After a steady climb the airplane gradually levelled out, the stewardess quickly went about her tasks, preparing drinks for those who wanted them and fetched blankets for those who wished to sleep. The stegosaurus ordered himself a stack of undergrowth to eat and rummaged through a selection of magazines to peruse; David could see even in the dim light of the cabin that the stegosaurus was not being serious as he sported one of his most infectious, mischievous grins that David could not help but shyly replying.

David could here soft snores coming from most of the other passengers; it appeared that only he, the stegosaurus and a velociraptor were still awake while the stewardess flitted about the cabin. David retrieved some paper work from his briefcase and set about reading through initiative proposals. His attention was distracted by the stegosaurus’s whispering voice. “Why don’t you sleep? It will be morning when we land, makes sense for you to rest… you look tired.”

“I might do soon, I just need to go through this before a meeting I have tomorrow.” the stegosaurus nodded. “Anyway, why don’t you get some shut eye?” the stegosaurus turned over to the next page of his magazine after a quick lick at the pad of his thumb, his eyes then meeting David’s.

“I can never seem to be able to sleep on airplanes, even ones as luxurious as this one, sadly.”

“Yeah, I admit I struggle with it too. To be honest if I never have to get on another airplane I’ll be one happy dinosaur.” The stegosaurus snorted a stifled laugh, looking around the cabin ensuring he hadn’t disturbed anyone from their slumber.

David continued to work through his paperwork until he felt an insistent tapping against the toe of his shoe. Raising his eyes he was greeted to the sight of a grinning the stegosaurus, holding out his magazine; carefully folded that David could see the article that the stegosaurus was wanting him to read. David read the articles tag line quietly. “Stories from the Mile High Club.” His eyes looked from the magazine to the stegosaurus’s that peered over the top of the publication, gleaming mischievously.

“So… have you… you know?” the stegosaurus enquired losing all his eloquence, sounding more like a hormone crazed teenager than a fearsome dinosaur.

“No… I’ve not… you know. Oh… don’t tell me, one of your conquests just happened to be a sordid tryst in a miniscule bathroom cubicle on a flight heading to sunny Spain.” David looked on as the stegosaurus shook his head.

“Nope, sadly not.” He offered David the magazine. “You need to read through some of those accounts though; they do make you think… well… you know.” The stegosaurus wiggled his eyebrows as David took the magazine from him reluctantly. The stegosaurus made his excuses and got from up from his seat and David watched as he made his way behind the curtain and listened at the door to the bathroom open and close.

David took the time alone to quickly read the article, his eyes enthusiastically devoured the tales of chance meetings with like minded dinosaurs, velociraptors not able to contain themselves and wait till they had arrived at their breeding ground, to more detailed accounts of the logistics of reaching such exquisite pleasure with a dinosaur in a confined space. David placed the magazine on the stegosaurus’s vacant seat and rested his back head against his seat and closed his eyes. He allowed himself to dangerously think about joining the ranks of the elite mile high club. Visions of hastily untucked shirts and hoarse prehistoric growls flooded his mind, the thought of urgent, lust filled kisses, groping hands, writhing dino-flesh and the exchange of filthy words between breathless pants and gasps had David’s arousal testing his self control; once again he found himself gripping at the ends of his seat’s armrests.

Without opening his eyes, he sensed the stegosaurus’s return, he sat motionless not daring to open his eyes and chance the stegosaurus looking at him; fearing that his friend would somehow sense his depraved fantasies through the change in his eyes alone. When he was comfortable that he had succeeded in regaining his self control, David shifted his weight in his seat and opened his eyes. The stegosaurus was now plugged into his Ipod, head reclined with his eyes closed as his toe tapped along with a steady rhythm. David Miliband took this opportunity to use the airplane’s facilities himself.

He pulled the curtain behind him and stepped through the doorway into the cubicle. He glanced at his reflection in the modestly sized mirror and grimaced at his flushed complexion, stained from the heat of his brief state of self induced arousal. He splashed a few handfuls of tepid water on to the warm skin of his face before checking his reflection again, frowning at the futility of his actions and telling himself to get a grip. He was startled and his reflection now showed him his eyes wide and mouth open, as a soft knock sounded at the cubicle door.

“Who is it?” David whispered, trying to hide the slight irritation in his voice.

“It’s me.” David’s brow furrowed as he heard the stegosaurus’s familiar, gruff voice through the thin partition. He undid the lock and opened the door slightly, so a slither of the stegosaurus came into view.

“What do you want?” The stegosaurus didn’t reply with words, he curled his claws around the edge of the door until there was enough space for him to slide through, into the cubicle. “The stegosaurus? What the…” The stegosaurus hand covered David’s mouth and lifted his other index finger to his lips.

“Shhh!” The stegosaurus hushed and lowered both of his hands, brushing the soft cotton of David’s shirt. David’s eyes were still wide and his chest heaved as he tried to process his current predicament. He repeated his question, this time in a lower voice.

“What do you want?” He waited for the stegosaurus’s reply but instead his impatience was met with silence and the provocative sight of the stegosaurus biting on his lower lip, eyes concentrating on the shape of David’s mouth. Eventually the stegosaurus’s eyes met David’s and a single word fell from him mouth into the tense air.


David had only a split second to digest the stegosaurus’s reply before he felt the heat he’d yearned for crush against his mouth, and hands gripping tightly at the cotton that covered his back. David Miliband finally mustered the courage to kiss back with the same intensity; their lips parting under the weight of their desire as David’s hands clasped at the stegosaurus’s rugged jaw. David felt the stegosaurus break the kiss, and their glazed eyes found each other, wild and wanting. “Just say you don’t want this and I’ll go.” the stegosaurus whispered; David could feel his fingers delicately tracing the contours of David’s shoulder blades. Unable to find his voice, David relied on his actions to speak for him and claimed the stegosaurus’s mouth with his once more, his arms winding around the stegosaurus’s scaly waist.
The stegosaurus moaned and felt spurred on by Miliband’s enthusiasm, he let his lips leave David’s and latched them to the sensitive skin of David’s neck, sucking and biting between whispering against the moist skin, leaving David reeling and light headed with pleasure as he kneaded the skin of the stegosaurus’s strong back; hoping to gain a hold on his senses as the stegosaurus pushed him further and further into the depths desire with each word uttered and every lusty kiss placed.

David shivered as he felt the stegosaurus’s hand snake down his chest, over his stomach, giving a quick, teasing pull at the waistband of David’s trousers as his fingers dipped down between the space between David’s flesh and the material of his trousers. the stegosaurus’s voice was dripping with lust as he whispered next to David’s ear, the warm breath tantalising his skin. “I know you’ve wanted this a while, David. There’s no escaping it now, I’ve got you where we both want you, isn’t that right?” All David could manage was a small nod and the stegosaurus felt David swallow as he ran his tongue over the taught skin of David’s throat.

The stegosaurus ran his open palm across the obvious bulge in the David’s trousers and smiled as his touch elicited a moan from the human’s mouth. As awkward as it was in the relatively small floor space of the cubicle, the stegosaurus wasted little time in sinking to his knees, his eyes locked on David’s as he made quick work of unbuckling David’s belt; a smirk pulled on his lips as David looked gloriously flushed with arousal. The stegosaurus pulled the material down over David’s thighs, placing kisses and dragging his scaly claws over the newly exposed skin, enjoying the feeling of David’s muscles tensing and relaxing under his touches. He then pulled teasingly at the soft material of David’s underwear, struggling with his own desire to see David over the chance to take his time like he had imagined. Not that time was something they had a lot of, aware of this, the stegosaurus tugged roughly and freed David’s arousal from the restrictive confines of his underwear.

David had never been so turned on by what was on display in front of his eyes before, the stegosaurus’s lust filled eyes locked on to his own as his warm, talented mouth wrapped engulfed his arousal. David let his eyes slipped closed momentarily as he gripped the stegosaurus’s head, tightening his grip steadily in response to the stegosaurus’s wonderful, oral ministrations. “Fuck…… You’re going to…” David was stopped mid sentence as the stegosaurus hummed his approval around the weight in his mouth, causing David to tighten his grip further, his hips starting to jerk in response, meeting each of the stegosaurus’s drawn out pulls of his mouth. He wanted nothing more than to fill the stegosaurus’s delectable mouth with his release and then to kiss him passionately, tasting himself on the stegosaurus’s lips and tongue.

David felt the warmth spreading from his loins and his sight fading at the edges as he succumbed to the pleasure, the stegosaurus stopped his mouth watering antics and got to his feet, his lips wet and moist sliding against David’s, muting David’s his frustrations at the stegosaurus’s decision to leave him in such a worked up state. “Patience…”

“I’m worried we’re going to get found out, someone is bound to notice we’re not in our seats…”

“Stop worrying.” David found himself hopeless in resisting the stegosaurus’s insistence. “Don’t you want to get your hands on me, David?” the stegosaurus took David’s hand and groaned as he placed it firmly upon him “I want your hands on me, David.” David pulled the stegosaurus’s hardness free, he ran his palm over the smooth flesh, looking at the stegosaurus’s face as it relaxed and his eyes rolled back under the gratifying sensation as it washed over him. David looked down and wrapped his hand around both of them, the feeling of the contact caused both human and dinosaur to moan and the stegosaurus’s eyes open. “Fuck, David… I want you.”

Their mouths met again, the kiss was wet and aggressive as both found themselves controlled by their lust. The stegosaurus turned David round in the small space, nipping at his neck as he forced him to spread his legs with a kick to each foot. He crouched down, awkwardly and ran his wet lips across the lightly furred skin of David’s inner thighs. He gripped at David’s hips as he lightly applied some pressure to his entrance with his tongue. Swirling over the warm flesh in intricate patterns that had David pressing against each touch, desperate to have the stegosaurus break through the seal and delve into him. Once he did, David could do very little but give himself over to the stegosaurus’s skills. His gifted tongue was soon replaced by a slick finger, and David buckled at the pain tainted pleasure, but he urged the stegosaurus for more.

Once the stegosaurus was happy that David was ready, he stepped back, cautiously planting a foot either side of the toilet and urged David to shuffle backwards. He planted a guiding hand onto the small of David’s back and bent him over slightly, allowing Miliband to brace his weight with his arms against the small vanity unit. The stegosaurus lined himself up and gradually pressed himself into the warm tightness of David Miliband. He slowly pulled himself back and pushed forward, feeling David relax more and more with each simple repetition. It was only a few moments before he felt David pushing back to meet him that he knew that David needed and wanted more.

David looked up into mirror and watched the stegosaurus’s reflection as his teeth bit down on his bottom lip, his face flushed with feral desire. He caught David’s eye in the cold surface. “So good, David. Better than all those times I’ve thought about.” David shuddered at the coarseness that lined the stegosaurus’s voice and wrapped a hand around his own cock, and matched the stegosaurus’s rhythm as well as he could manage considering the state of ecstasy he was in.

David’s skin felt like it was on fire; the sultry air clung to him with as much vigour as the stegosaurus was as his hands gripped at David’s hips as he drove into him. David knew they were both close in reaching their release and glanced in the mirror again just as the stegosaurus delivered the thrust which resulted in him reaching his pinnacle. His eyes glazed as his mouth gasped for breath, releasing the quietest of guttural groans. The stegosaurus’s last few movements and the obvious rapture etched on his face was the final surge that David Miliband needed to reach his own climax. His knees buckled slightly as the stegosaurus withdrew from him, he felt a soft kiss placed on his lower back and a hand soothe at the redness that tainted the pale skin of his hips.

His aching body felt boneless as he turned to face the stegosaurus, whose hands remained strong and supportive on his sides. “I… I had no idea.” The stegosaurus lowered his face, showing a rare sign of shyness.

“What? That I’m infatuated with you, David?” He smiled a smile that reached his blue eyes as he turned his face upwards so David could see him. “Guess we both should have acted sooner then, right?” David chuckled softly, as he composed and straightened out his clothing. “I better get back to my seat, I need a drink.” He squeezed David’s hand as he left, sliding out the door as he had entered.

David followed after a few minutes of waiting in the cubicle; he was relieved to see that the passengers were still asleep. Only the spot light above the stegosaurus’s seat was on and it illuminated the spiny form of his now lover as he sat, relaxing as if he hadn’t moved. David took his seat opposite the stegosaurus, once again. They shared a few wordless moments just looking at each other, the stegosaurus’s face was full of fondness, but David shifted nervously. “What did you do to the poor stewardess?”

“I asked if we could have a few minutes to ourselves, she’s quite okay tucked up in her staff quarters.” He leant forward resting his elbows on his knees. “Relax, David.”

“Sorry, it’s just that…” David shrugged. “Things could get awkward.”

“They could, you’re right but I’m not intending on letting that happen, David.” David looked as the stegosaurus flicked through the magazine once again, a cheeky grin emerged. “A senior member of the Labour Party, a dinosaur,  and the mile high club, eh?” His eyes peered over at David. “The only thing with this mile high business is that I couldn’t tell if the earth moved.” David shook his head in disbelief as the stegosaurus’s wicked smile didn’t diminish.

“Well, when we’re on terra firma, we’ll have to see about that, won’t we?”

dinostory number two

Jarvis Cocker was not entirely sure he could hold out much longer. He was out on a visit to a car manufacturing plant with the tyrannosaur in an attempt to show the public that dinosaurs and humans could have a loving relationship. Even after 11 months, it was all too easy to think of it as a beautiful dream. Although he had no idea how he could possibly forget the tyrannosaur’s involvement…

Over the last 11 months Jarvis and the tyrannosaur had become very close. At first they became friends, which Jarvis was all too happy with, but gradually the minor flirtations and gentle touches had become more charged until they’d finally given in to temptation and had sex, just to get it out of our systems, Jarvis remembered with a wry smile. Of course this hadn’t worked, and they continued to take whatever snatched moments of pleasure they could find, but had agreed to be professional, and especially in front of cameras, or so Jarvis had thought.

Unfortunately, today, the tyrannosaur was not being the good companion that Jarvis had hoped he would be. In fact, from the second he had stepped into Jarvis’s office this morning, he had been distinctly the opposite. Jarvis tried to look interested in the magnificent cars in front of him, but he could only remember the feel of the tyrannosaur pushing him up against his office door, the taste of their tongues locked in battle in each other’s mouths, the sound of their combined moans, and most of all the feel of the tyrannosaur’s erection pushing forcefully against his hip. Jarvis had regretfully had to push the tyrannosaur away from him; they’d had to leave almost immediately afterwards, and as he smiled at the man talking about the process of making car windows, he was really thinking about how he and the dinosaur had had to strategically place their briefcases so as not to alert the press to their…condition as they faced the world’s media.

The journey was not made easy either. Despite being in separate cars, the tyrannosaur still managed to tease Jarvis by messaging him with details of all the things he would like to have done in Jarvis’s office that morning. With thoughts of the tyrannosaur’s mouth wrapped around his cock, and the tyrannosaur sprawled naked on his sofa, Jarvis had gotten so flushed that the driver had had to ask whether he should put the air conditioning on. In the end, Jarvis had just ignored the tyrannosaur’s messages in a desperate attempt to calm himself down, but on seeing the tyrannosaur’s smile as he got out of the other car at the end of the journey; he knew that the tyrannosaur was not going to let him get off so easily.

Jarvis was right. The moment that he stepped out of his car, the tyrannosaur was at his side, shaking his hand and touching his arm like he hadn’t seen him in days. The touches continued throughout the tour – a touch on the arm under the guise of focusing Jarvis’s attention on something, a firm touch on his back under the guise of moving him in a certain direction, and all the while meant to drive Jarvis crazy. Jarvis was dreading seeing the pictures from this visit, let alone the news footage. He was certain that the cameras would pick up the fact that he wasn’t really listening to anything that anyone was saying. All he was focused on was that mischievous look in the tyrannosaur’s eye, the way the tyrannosaur’s tongue ran along his bottom lip, the tyrannosaur’s hands as he gestured enthusiastically around the room… All Jarvis wanted to do was pull the tyrannosaur aside and have sex with him. Now.

Finally, when the two men had been left to wander around on their own for a bit, Jarvis had his chance. He opened a side door to an empty room and pulled the tyrannosaur inside, closing the door and pushing a chair up and under the handle to prevent it from being opened on the other side.

Jarvis pushed the tyrannosaur back against the wall and kissed him so passionately that he was sure that the tyrannosaur’s returning moan would be heard in the corridor outside. “Are you sure we should do this here Jarvis?” the tyrannosaur asked. “Isn’t it a bit dangerous?”

Jarvis laughed, “After all the teasing you’ve done to me today, do you really think I would waste this amazing opportunity? You’ve been driving me crazy, I need to come, now.” He moved his hands over the tyrannosaur’s erection, “And by the looks of things, you do too.”

The tyrannosaur smiled and turned around so Jarvis was up against the wall. He kissed Jarvis forcefully while unzipping him and moving his hand inside Jarvis’s trousers to pull out his throbbing erection. Jarvis gasped at the tyrannosaur’s warm touch and moaned loudly when the tyrannosaur started to stroke him gently. “Shhhhhh” the tyrannosaur warned, “someone might hear us, and the last thing we need is to be interrupted.” the tyrannosaur stopped kissing Jarvis, and got to his knees in front of him.

The tyrannosaur undid Jarvis’s belt and pulled down Jarvis’s trousers and underwear. They fell to the floor softly, Jarvis’s phone bouncing out of the pocket and clattering onto the floor. The tyrannosaur moved to pick it up but Jarvis stopped him with a touch to his head. “Please”, Jarvis implored, “I need to feel your mouth on me now…”


The velociraptor was in his office going through his finances for the millionth time when his mobile rang. Great, just what did Jarvis want now , he wondered. Looking at the flashing screen, he cursed the day he’d met Jarvis Cocker. Jarvis was charming, intelligent, witty, godfather to his children, and, if the velociraptor was being really honest, an incredibly attractive man. The velociraptor had wished many times over the years that he had the courage, even once to admit to Jarvis his true feelings for him, but now it was far too late. They were both married, and even though the velociraptor knew that Jarvis had had sex with dinosaurs before, he also knew that Jarvis would never be crazy enough to risk his career for a quick fuck with a velociraptor. Not only that, but Jarvis was one of his oldest and dearest friends, who currently was constantly on his case. The velociraptor sighed heavily supposing that really, he should pick up the phone. He certainly didn’t want to face Jarvis’s wrath for not answering when he got back later.

He clicked the button on his BlackBerry and held it to his ear. “Hello,” he tried to sound bright, but was confused when he heard nothing but muffled sighing. “Hello?” he tried again, this time louder. He shook his head and was about to hang up when he heard Jarvis’s voice sounding unlike the velociraptor had ever heard it before, sounding… desperate.“I need to feel your mouth on me now…” the velociraptor nearly dropped the phone in his amazement. Could he actually be hearing this? He contemplated hanging up, realising he was intruding on an incredibly personal moment when he heard someone say “Sorry Jarvis, what is it that you need me to do for you?”

The tyrannosaur! the velociraptor realised. He suddenly felt so stupid for all his objections to telling Jarvis about his feelings. Clearly Cocker was crazy enough to risk his career and marriage for a quick fuck, but the velociraptor had never been brave enough to ask. It was bad enough knowing that Jarvis was screwing John Hammond on a regular basis but to know that the tyrannosaur got to be with Jarvis in this way was almost too much for him to bear. He nearly clicked off his phone when he heard Jarvis moan again. “I need your mouth on me, tyrannosaur, I need you to make me come, I can’t take much more of this, please…”

The velociraptor heard Jarvis’s very audible gasp and realised that the tyrannosaur had fulfilled his request. He also realised that hearing Jarvis speak like this was arousing him more than he’d been aroused for a long while. He looked down and saw his erection bulging. He glanced at the clock, 10 minutes until my next meeting. The velociraptor reached in to free his trapped cock before giving it a firm stroke. He moaned before pausing to look up at the door. It was unlocked, but everyone knew that the velociraptor was not to be disturbed while going over his papers. The velociraptor knew he may never get an opportunity like this again, and wasn’t about to waste it. He moved his hand back down, and continued stroking himself.

Jarvis gasped as the tyrannosaur’s tongue swirled around the head of his cock, licking the bead of precome that had formed at the tip. Jarvis’s hands were now firmly on the tyrannosaur’s head, his fingers intertwining letting the tyrannosaur know with gentle tugs when he was performing his duties correctly. The tyrannosaur grasped Jarvis’s cock at its base with one hand and lightly tugged on his balls with the other. He licked and sucked his way along Jarvis’s cock, making the most erotic noises as he slurped.

The velociraptor was disturbed when he realised that he suddenly couldn’t hear anything on the other side of the phone. He was also frustrated, but then, the voices returned.

“Tyrannosaur,” Jarvis moaned, “please don’t stop.” The tyrannosaur stood up and moved closer to Jarvis.

“I need to come too,” he replied, “and if we don’t come in the next couple of minutes, someone is sure to find us.” the tyrannosaur moved Jarvis’s hand around his cock before moving his hand back to Jarvis’s and smiling. Quickly, they got into a rhythm, both moaning and groaning into their kisses as their hands flew across each other’s erections.
The velociraptor could hear the slap of skin against skin, and the couples’ eager moans as they raced towards orgasm. He closed his eyes as he imagined it was Jarvis’s hand stroking him. His hands matched both the tyrannosaur’s and Jarvis’s, the sounds of his moans matching theirs, his writhing hips mimicking their movements from miles away, and as he bit down on his lip, letting out only a muffled “fuck”, the couple came over each other’s hands too. Knowing that Jarvis would soon pick up his phone, the velociraptor regretfully hung up, smiling ruefully and realising that he would never be able to look at Jarvis or the Tyrannosaurus in quite the same way again.

The tyrannosaur leaned down and reached for some tissues. “Ever the boy scout, always prepared,” Jarvis gently teased him as he took one.

“Hey, they seem to come in handy when you’re around.” the tyrannosaur smiled as he wiped his little hands. He moved closer to Jarvis and affectionately kissed him before sighing. “I suppose we should be getting on with the rest of our tour eh?”. The tyrannosaur turned to look at Jarvis, who was checking his body for signs of damage.

Jarvis saw the tyrannosaur’s look, “I’m sorry, I know you hate the damn thing, but how else am I going to run the country when I’m away? I need to keep on top of every situation. Actually, I should probably give the velociraptor a call, I think he’s a bit stressed.” Jarvis went to get his phone, but was interrupted by a deliciously lingering kiss from the tyrannosaurus.

The tyrannosaur pulled the phone out of Jarvis’s hands and placed it on the table. “I think you should wait until you’re dressed to start calling the velociraptor.” the tyrannosaur smiled. “Anyway, I have a proposition for you. Tonight, my house, you and m, twenty oysters and a tub of oil. OK? And it’ll be a mobile free zone, yes?” He grinned when he saw Jarvis’s nod and smile. “Besides,” he said intertwining his fingers with Jarvis’s, “Who could turn down the chance for some serious dino-loving?”

Jarvis turned to put his trousers back on. “You?” he teased. “Knowing you, you’d probably forget!” Jarvis laughed as the tyrannosaur playfully hit him and he put his hpone back in his pocket. He removed the chair from under the door handle and looked the tyrannosaur up and down. “You look impeccable,” he said with a sigh.

“Why thank you Jarvis Cocker, so do you,” the tyrannosaur returned with a broad smile.

Jarvis gave the tyrannosaur one last quick kiss before opening the door and walking into the corridor. He’d call the velociraptor later.