dinostory number seven

The triceratops can see trouble coming a mile away as Douglas Carswell slips into the gym. The place is otherwise empty, most of the MPs either gone home or retired in the House of Commons bar. The Triceratops’s always preferred working out in peace. But he knows the shit-eating grin on Doug’s face all too well; he doesn’t need the proof of the door being locked, of Douglas slowly making his way to where the Triceratops is lying on his back, bench-pressing barbells. There’s nothing peaceful about his Doug when he gets that look.
“Did you come to spot me?” the Triceratops huffs, settling the weights on the hooks for a moment. His scaly skin is already prickling with sweat, his biceps straining with the familiar ache of a workout.
Douglas shrugs and smirks. “Came to enjoy the view, dinosaur.” As if that’s not enough proof that Douglas’s here to play a game, never one to call the Triceratops “dinosaur” unless it was used like a pawn, or an insult, a blow aimed to hurt.
Ignoring Doug’s thinly veiled attempts at issuing another challenge for them to butt their heads over, the Triceratops grabs the barbell and hoists it off the hooks with a loud grunt. He’s aware of Douglas in the edge of his vision, watching him and standing still. Observing.
Then Douglas moves, steps over the Triceratops’s gym bag until he’s standing by the bench, and swings his leg over the Triceratops’s gigantic hips. Before the Triceratops has time to react, helpless with his hands full of weights, Douglas is straddling his belly. There’s an arrogant look in his eye, and the Triceratops should end this game now, should put the weights down and push Douglas away.
But Douglas is there, and the Triceratops has never been one to back away from a challenge. Never one to back away from his Doug.
Douglas Carswell sees the shift in the Triceratops’s eyes and smirks. He braces his palms on the dinosaur’s thick chest and tilts his hips back, ass rubbing into the Triceratops’s crotch. Douglas’s cock is already hardening in his sweats, and he can feel the dinosaur’s half-hard dick nestled against the curve of his ass. Douglas rocks softly, sucking on his bottom lip for a show. the triceratops gives him a sharp look and hoists the barbell up again, arms trembling lightly and muscles bulging, and Douglas gasps, delighted.
The dinosaur’s body is solid under him, stomach muscles bunching between Douglas’s thighs. The way the triceratops’s body keeps tensing and relaxing in waves as he lifts the weights, cresting and settling in time with his arms, Douglas feels like he’s riding a bull. The triceratops’s using Douglas’s weight to his advantage now, anchoring himself, ignoring the press of Douglas’s ass on his cock.
Douglas listens to the harsh grunts and the heavy, puffed out breaths and lets his gaze wander over dinosaur’s body, shamelessly admiring the thick build and the ripple of scaly muscle.
“You’re so big, dinosaur,” he says softly, and the triceratops’s rhythm falters. Douglas trails his hands from the Triceratops’s pecs to touch his sides, feeling how wide the barrel dinosaur’s chest is.
The triceratops’s body is a tightly strung cord, and Douglas revels in the thought of all that power beneath him, on full display. Douglas can smell him, intoxicating and familiar, the smell of sweat and musk and iron, and something Douglas’s learned to associate with safety. dinosaur’s scent.
Douglas leans back and smiles, the way he knows drives the dinosaur mad, sweet and innocent like he’s not gagging for his dinosaur’s cock.
He reaches out to touch the triceratops’s front leg as it strains up under the burden of the metal weight, trailing his fingers lightly down the swell of muscle. The look the dinosaur gives him would cut a lesser man to ribbons, but Douglas tilts his head down and looks at the triceratops beneath lowered eyelashes.
“I wonder if I’ll be as strong as you,” he says softly, letting his hand fall on the Triceratops’s broad shoulder. “I hope so,” he adds, giving out a satisfied sigh. “But this is much better, watching you work out… getting me all excited like this.”
There’s a loud clang as the Triceratops hoists the barbell up and rests it on the support. He stares up at Douglas, panting hard, both from the physical exertion and from Douglas grinding his ass shamelessly into the dinosaur’s dick.
Douglas shakes his head sadly and tilts his head. “That it old man? Hit your limit?” He rocks his hips back as though he’s making a point. He’s hard and aching from watching the Triceratops work out, watching those muscles work, and from the feel of dinosaur’s cock pressed into the groove of his ass, his body solid and huge under Douglas.
the triceratops grunts, growling “don’t call me that” as he surges up off the bench, pinning Douglas to the floor in a quick tumble that leaves Douglas short of breath and choking on a moan as the dinosaur overpowers him.
The floor is hard under Douglas’s back, cool against where his t-shirt has ridden up. the Triceratops is above him, keeping Douglas’s arms locked above his head, dripping prehistoric sweat onto Doug’s face.
The triceratops doesn’t know when or how he went from that steadfast, “don’t give in” mentality that usually works with Douglas to the sudden need of wanting to be the aggressor. But he has Douglas pinned down beneath him, and there’s a darker place in him that wants to discipline the boy, to show him who’s in charge. He lets Douglas Carswell get away with too much, he thinks.
Shifting Douglas’s arms until he can grip his wrists in one hand, the triceratops moves to straddle Douglas, lifting himself on his knees to deny Douglas any contact besides the hand holding him in place. It earns him a snarl, and Douglas bucking his hips up desperately, cursing.
The triceratops grinds his teeth and gives in, giving Douglas’s cheek a light slap – not enough to truly hurt, but certainly enough to startle Douglas out of his greedy anger.
“Now settle the fuck down and let me do what I want, like the good boy you are,” the Triceratops hisses, squeezing down briefly on Douglas’s wrists. He tilts his hips down, pressing their cocks together, and Douglas moans, tossing his head back, legs falling open on demand.
The Triceratops draws a deep breath, satisfied.
“That’s it, spread yourself up for the dinosaur”
Grunting softly, the Triceratops shifts to use his free hand to tug his cock, red and slick and swollen against flushed scaly skin. He gives it a few lazy strokes, breathing hard through his nose. When he lifts his gaze, Douglas is staring down, licking his lips, spreading his thighs wider as though he doesn’t notice he’s doing it, eager to get the dinosaur’s cock in his mouth, his ass, anywhere the Triceratops decides to give it to him.
The Triceratops’s rarely seen such a desperate look on Doug’s face. He braces his palm on the floor next to Douglas’s head and leans down, muttering low, “such a slut…”
Douglas cries out, baring his neck at that, and the Triceratops flashes a grin and wrenches Douglas’s sweats and boxers down in one move. Douglas’s cock springs up eagerly and the Triceratops eyes him up, crooning softly. “That’s my big boy…”
The praise draws a broken moan from Douglas Carswell as he arches up against the grip the Triceratops has on him, his bared cock grinding against the Triceratops’s as his back curves into a bow. His chest is pushed up and those pert, pink nipples are just on offer for the Triceratops to latch his mouth on.
It’s an offer the Triceratops can’t refuse, and he grips their cocks together tightly, rutting against his Doug as he leans forward and sucks hard on Douglas’s left nipple.
Douglas’s breath hitches and stutters when the Triceratops rolls the stiffened nipple between his teeth, and then bites down sharp, tugging back lightly as his boy wails with need, hips bucking against the Triceratops, pupils lust-blown.
the triceratops licks Douglas’s swollen tit tenderly, and murmurs, “So easy, dinosaur’s little slut…” He scrapes his teeth on the pebbled flesh again, alternates between licking and biting, and Douglas’s body sings for him, hips fucking up frantically, frenzied by the solid heat of the Triceratops’s cock against his own.
Douglas caves first, throwing one leg around the back of the Triceratops’s thighs, tugging him closer and begging breathlessly, “dinosaur, oh shit, dinosaur please.”
Smiling tight, the Triceratops lifts his hips off his Doug.
“Ah-ah. I want my dick in you, boy.”
The needy whine Douglas gives then goes straight to the Triceratops’s cock. There’s a need in him now, and he lets go of Douglas’s wrists and flips him over, manhandling him easily. Douglas is no twig, but he’s still growing into his muscle, has that teenage slenderness to his build, and in a state like this, mindless with lust, the Triceratops can manipulate him easily.
the Triceratops reaches back with a foot and hooks it behind his bag, dragging it close enough to rummage for the slick. He settles between Douglas’s spread legs and smacks Doug’s flank with a bare palm, snapping, “ass up, like you belong.”
Douglas moans softly and pulls his knees beneath himself, pushing his ass in the air. His chest and shoulders are braced on the floor, arms folded under his head. The triceratops takes a moment to admire the sweet curve of Douglas’s back, his tight ass, his profile, one side of his face pillowed on his arms. Eyes closed, red-tinted lashes fanning over flushed cheeks, plump lips parted.
The triceratops trails one large hand along Douglas’s spine, Doug shivering at the roughness of the triceratops’s hand on his skin. He rests his hand on the swell of Douglas’s ass and waits, patient.
Finally Douglas draws a sharp breath and cries out, “just fuck me, Triceratops, please!”
The triceratops grins, sharp, and grabs the slick, wetting his scaly front leg quickly before he’s pushing it inside his boy. Douglas yelps and scrambles to get away, back a tense line of pain and surprise, but all the Triceratops needs is one firm hand on Douglas’s hip to keep him in place.
The triceratops waits, completely still, until Douglas relaxes, shoulders lowering down to the floor and a soft breath escaping him as his ass loosens up around the Triceratops’s front leg.
“That’s my good boy,” the Triceratops croons, starting to fuck Douglas with his front leg, drawing out soft moans from his Doug. He waits until Douglas’s loose enough and then stretches him mercilessly, spreading his fingers as much as he can. He curls his fingers, aiming for Douglas’s prostate, Douglasling low when his boy gives a sudden cry and his back curves tightly.
The triceratops leans over Douglas, lips brushing his ear. “Aren’t I lucky you’re so a responsive” he murmurs. It earns him a glare from Douglas, but it’s feverish and needy, and finally Douglas just closes his eyes and nods.
The triceratops feels pride well in his chest, for these moments when Douglas comes to him and for once works with him instead of railing against him. Douglas accepting his praise and not spitting it back in his face – the veneer of arrogance melting away under the dinsaur’s hot body, until all that matters to Douglas is the pleasure his dinosaur can give him.
The triceratops feels Douglas let himself sink into the feeling of his front leg working him open, body lax, the Triceratops’s claw warm on the curve of his hip the only support he needs.
But the Triceratops’s patience is wearing thin, his own cock aching for Doug’s tight heat, throbbing at the thought of it, of sinking inside his boy. He draws his fingers free and Douglas whimpers at the loss of that full feeling, pushing his ass back, trying to chase those thick fingers.
the Triceratops gives him a sharp slap on his left buttock, and the way Douglas moans makes his dick twitch. “You’ll get what’s coming to you, Doug, don’t be greedy.”
Douglas Carswell only nods weakly.
the Triceratops slicks up his cock with his wet hand sloppily, taking no more time to fuck around. He mounts his boy, guiding his cock to Douglas’s loose, slick hole and braces his arms next to Douglas’s shoulders as he presses in slow, cockhead slipping into Doug’s ass.
Douglas’s breaths come in sharp, excited pants, and the Triceratops’s shoves his hips, cock sinking halfway inside his Doug. Grunting, the Triceratops pushes deeper, sinking, Douglas’s hole swallowing him up greedily until his balls are flush with Douglas’s thighs.
the Triceratops lets out the breath he’s been holding, groaning gutturally in his throat. Douglas is shivering beneath him, ass spasming around the Triceratops’s dick as he tries to accommodate his girth, small moans spilling from his throat. Finally Douglas presses his hips back, ready for whatever the Triceratops’s willing to give him.
“So desperate for your dinosaur to fuck you, aren’t you, Doug?” and Douglas just nods quickly, gasping as his dinosaur rocks his hips slowly, and there’s no doubt anymore who’s in control here.
the Triceratops leans down and murmurs in Douglas’s ear, “I’m going to put you in your place once and for all, and I don’t care if I have to fuck you raw to get you there.” To prove himself, he pulls out almost completely, only the head of his cock still buried in Douglas’s ass, and slams back in, stuffing Douglas in one thrust.
Douglas sobs, hands trying to grasp at the smooth floor, but he’s not trying to get away now.
“Tell dinosaur what you want, hmm? You know I’ll always give you what you want, baby,” the Triceratops coaxes, petting Douglas’s hair. “But you have to ask nicely…”
Douglas whines, a high, desperate sound, rocking back against the Triceratops. “I-I wanna come, d-dinosaur, please,” and it slowly devolves into breathless chants of “please” and “dinosaur” over and over. the Triceratops looks down and admires the strain on his Doug’s face, so pretty and flushed with a sheen of sweat, lips bitten raw and swollen.
Douglas twists his neck to look at the Triceratops, his mouth red and slick, eyes lust-glazed. He bites his full bottom lip with sharp white teeth and speaks quietly, voice fucked out and hoarse.
“Please, fuck your boy, dinosaur.”
the Triceratops can’t stop the welling groan at the need in Douglas’s voice, lifting his hips and angling them down, every thrust pulling the Triceratops closer and closer. He slides a hand around to Douglas’s cock, dragging a light fingertip along the swollen length, needing to give Douglas one last bit of torture, that final show of the upper hand as he drinks in his Doug’s desperate cries.
He knows Douglas doesn’t have much left in him and not wanting to waste his Doug’s orgasm on a tease, the Triceratops grips him fully, fisting his hand hard and unrelenting around Douglas’s leaking cock. the Triceratops strokes him with purpose, in time with his thrusts into Doug’s tight ass, grunting heavily as he fucks into Douglas Carswell.
“Such a sweet little slut you are, my perfect little slut, perfect…”
Douglas moans, loud, and pushes back to meet the Triceratops’s thrusts before fucking into his fist, movements uncontrolled and jerky as the Triceratops’s thrusts rock him, his upper body worked right into the floor, the dinosaur’s filth in his ears driving him on, mixing with the sound of the Triceratops’s hips slapping against his ass.
Douglas’s feels his orgasm near, his ass clenching around the Triceratops’s cock every time his dinosaur sinks deep into him. the Triceratops crouches over Douglas, broad scaly chest pressed to Douglas’s back, caging him in and all Douglas can feel is his dinosaur’s cock splitting him wide, dinosaur’s body bracketing him, the heat from the body surrounding him, the Triceratops’s harsh breaths in Douglas’s ear.
The dinosaur has always been good at reading Douglas like this. He bites sharply at Douglas’s earlobe, rasping, “show your dinosaur how hard you can come, Doug,” and it’s like dinosaur’s voice triggers something hardwired in Douglas as he whimpers, crying out at the tricerotops’s command.
“D-dinosauryy,” he whines, coming hard and arching into the Triceratops’s hand, pleasure sparking along his spine. He bears down on dinosaur’s cock as he spills all over the Triceratops’s hand, his own belly, the floor. His spine goes rigid, back arching against dinosaur’s solid chest as his body is wracked with aftershocks, ass pulsing around the Triceratops.
the Triceratops groans, lets his head fall down, forehead resting on his Doug’s neck, his hips jerking hard against Douglas, chasing his own orgasm.
“Just perfect, Doug, so fucking perfect…” the Triceratops’s voice is gravelly, barely more than a rumble in his chest, sending shivers down Douglas’s spine as he slumps, hips held up by the dinosaur’s hand on him and his thick thighs between Douglas’s.
Douglas moans softly, pushing back despite his exhaustion. “Come on dinosaur, come inside me, fill me up, I wanna feel you in me,” he begs, knowing how dinosaur likes it when he does, body trembling as the Triceratops keeps fucking his oversensitive hole.
“Mouthy little shit,” the Triceratops grumbles, giving Douglas’s ass a slap, slamming into him at the same time.
Douglas keens softly, squeezing his ass around the feeling of dinosaur’s cock stuffing him full, and the Triceratops’s done. He comes with a hoarse shout, slamming his palm into the floor by Douglas’s shoulder, hips grinding tight into his Doug’s ass.
All Douglas can do as the Triceratops empties himself inside his ass is to moan, the Triceratops’s weight keeping him from pushing back.
“Come on dinosaur, fill me to the brim and I’ll be your good boy,” Douglas gasps, and with a final grunt the Triceratops buries himself to the hilt, stilling.
the Triceratops slumps over Douglas, still careful to keep his weight on his arms as he pants, nose buried in Douglas’s hair. He moves his hips lazily, his softening cock sliding sloppily in Douglas’s loosened ass as Douglas whines, fucked open and whole body drained. Douglas allows himself to sink down, to briefly lose himself in his dinosaur surrounding him.
It lasts only a fleeting moment. the Triceratops can feel the sense of obedience he worked so hard for quickly dissipating from Douglas, before he grunts and squirms away from the Triceratops. He rolls over and flops onto the floor on his back, grinning up at the Triceratops like an imp.
It sparks something in the Triceratops, that arrogance, and he can clearly see it written on Douglas’s whole body that he thinks he’s won something here.
the Triceratops will have none of that. Instead, he gives his Doug a quick smirk and trails his hand down, past Douglas’s soft cock nestled in wiry auburn hair, between his balls and slipping between his ass cheeks, and the grin on Douglas’s face falters and falls.
Douglas’s face goes slack as the Triceratops pushes its front leg inside him mercilessly, pumping them back and forth until the Triceratops’s come is flowing out of his ass freely. His Doug’s hips tilt, almost instinctively, and the Triceratops holds Douglas’s gaze steadily until Douglas breathes out a shuddering moan and closes his eyes, thighs falling open.
the Triceratops draws out his come-slicked leg and raises it up to his Doug’s lips, feeding it to Douglas, who licks and sucks obediently, watching his dinosaur from beneath fluttering eyelashes.
Douglas moans and arches his back showily, spreading his legs wider so the Triceratops has a full view of his pink hole, stretched open and wet, leaking his dinosaur’s come.
It’s a shameless, indulgent move, and the Triceratops smiles when he sees the sly smile on Douglas’s lips. Douglas Carswell is a devil and the Triceratops wouldn’t change him for the world.

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