dinostory number four

John Humphrys and the velociraptor had decided to take the opportunity to play a friendly game of tennis, which had turned competitive very quickly.


The velociraptor supposed it was only to be expected, what with them both having been captains at their respective institutions. John was easy going, until he started to lose; at which point he would play to win. The velociraptor had toyed with the idea of letting John get away with this, his pleasure at seeing John happy almost over-riding his desire to show John how good he was at tennis…almost.


The velociraptor smiled as he remembered John’s shocked face as he threw himself across the court to return the BBC presenters winning or so he thought backhand. The velociraptor’s smile turned rueful as his shoulder twinged in pain. He already regretted it.


The tennis game had been purely friendly, with no sexual tension involved; well other than the tension that always existed between the two partners, but as soon as they were back in the car on the way home, the situation changed. Seeing John with his hair a mess, his face flushed red and sweaty reminded the velociraptor of how John looked after sex; and no matter how he tried, he couldn’t clear the image from his head.


The velociraptor watched John talk, but took in nothing but the movement of John’s hands, the flick of his tongue as he licked his lips, the muscularity of his legs as he stretched them out in front of him; the velociraptor could feel himself getting more and more aroused and started to squirm in the seat to try and ease his frustration. John placed a hand on the velociraptor’s arm with a concerned look in his eyes, clearly thinking the velociraptor was in pain because of his fall, but the velociraptor could only smile and shake his head slightly, unable to tell John the real cause of his obvious discomfort.


Thankfully, the car reached their secret love nest quickly and as soon as they were through John’s front door, the velociraptor pushed John back against it, kissing him roughly. The velociraptor stepped back breathlessly. “I’ll be in the shower,” he said, and he went upstairs, nearly running in his desire to feel John naked against him.


The velociraptor stepped in to the shower. He turned on the warm stream of water and bowed his head, his eyes closed; letting the powerful jets just flow over him.


The velociraptor pretended not to notice when he heard the door open and John walk in to the shower room. Through willpower alone, he did not turn to see John Humphrys strip off his tennis clothes; but he shivered with anticipation of John’s touch as he felt him step in to the shower behind him.


John’s eyes drank in the sight of the velociraptor before him. He slowly moved forward and placed his hands on the velociraptor’s hurt shoulder, massaging it gently. As the velociraptor sighed with relief at the released tension, John laughed; “You really threw yourself into that game today didn’t you? But you know, you don’t have to try and impress me, dear dinosaur…”


John’s hands ran down the velociraptor’s arms as he pressed himself up against his dinosaur companion, leaning forward to whisper lustfully in the velociraptor’s ear, “You impress me more than enough already.”


John kissed the velociraptor’s shoulder softly, his hands moving from the velociraptor’s arms around to his chest, his fingers reaching the velociraptor’s scaly head. As his kisses travelled to the velociraptor’s neck, becoming ever more passionate, John found the velociraptor’s nipple and flicked it gently, eliciting a gasp from his lover.


The velociraptor could feel John’s arousal pressing in to his back, and could take it no longer; he needed to touch John. The velociraptor turned to face him; his hands wrapping around John’s waist, pulling him as close as possible; both man and dinosaur groaning at the contact of their erections.


John’s hands curled around to the back of the velociraptor’s neck and he pulled the velociraptor towards him for a deep, passionate kiss. Their tongues mingled with the taste of the water cascading over them, and as they opened their eyes, blinking slightly as the water ran over their eyelashes, John could hardly believe how beautiful the velociraptor looked.


John reached for the shower gel on the shelf behind the velociraptor, and opened it, pouring some of the soap into his hands. He started at the velociraptor’s shoulders, rubbing the soap gently in to them, trailing his hands down the velociraptor’s long sinewy arms. John slid his hands up and down the velociraptor’s chest, and then lightly traced a finger over the velociraptor’s erection, nearly causing him to buckle.


John grinned and knelt down in front of the velociraptor. He wrapped his hands around the velociraptor’s legs, rubbing the soap into his muscular calves and thighs. John was careful to only touch the velociraptor’s cock with occasional teasing strokes; each one making him moan. John looked up to see the velociraptor had leant his head back, his eyes closed and his lips parted, breathlessly awaiting John’s next touch.


John licked his lips and opened his mouth to take in the tip of the velociraptor’s erection, gripping the velociraptor’s hips as he bucked forward involuntarily. He kept his eyes on his partner’s face as he swirled his tongue around the head, taking care to reach every part of the velociraptor he could. John sucked the velociraptor deeper into his mouth, his hands gripping the velociraptor more tightly as he watched the velociraptor’s breathing hitch and feared he might buckle.


The velociraptor clenched his hands into fists at his sides, his eyes tightly shut, relishing the feel of John’s warm, wet mouth around him. John was so expert at this, and so loving in his administrations of pleasure, that some days it was all the velociraptor could do to stop himself from begging John to make him come.


John Humphrys used one of his hands to grip the base of the velociraptor’s shaft, moving it in tandem with his mouth, his rhythm slow and gentle. John was happy to have the chance to tease the velociraptor like this, making him slowly come apart. So often the two lovers had to make do with quick stolen moments and John often longed for the times they could take their time with each other, his hands and mouth exploring every part of the dinosaur he loved so much.


John found it so hard every day to stop himself from even stroking the velociraptor’s scaly hand. He had to make do with affectionate pats on the arm, knowing that he really wanted to kiss the velociraptor and tell the whole world how he felt; to tell everyone that his heart belonged to the velociraptor.


John licked and sucked the velociraptor harder, his partner’s returning moans making him clench his thighs in an effort to create friction for himself. The velociraptor’s breathing was becoming shallower and his gasps and moans more and more audible.


The velociraptor, however still wanted more. He wanted to come with John inside of him. The velociraptor looked down at John and his heart constricted. The velociraptor also knew that at the party tonight, he’d have to keep his distance and it was more than he could bear. The velociraptor longed to feel John holding him, to hear John moaning out his name; sex was the only time that John was ever really his and he needed John Humphrys now.


The velociraptor reached down and stroked John’s hair gently with his little pointy hands. John looked up and the velociraptor pushed him back slightly. John sat back on his calves, confused. “I need you in me John…please fuck me.”


John’s cock twitched at the rough sound of the velociraptor’s voice and he stood up quickly. John ran his fingers into the velociraptor’s hair and kissed him sweetly, their tongues sliding over each others gently, until John could take it no more and stepped back, turning the velociraptor round to face the wall. The velociraptor reached out with his spindly dino-arms for the white tiles, bracing himself for John.


John stroked his length; the sight of the velociraptor standing ready for him turning him on beyond belief. Not for the first time, John felt lucky that he got to be with the velociraptor this way; the velociraptor had made himself so vulnerable for John, both personally and professionally and John knew that he could never take advantage of that fact.


John pushed the velociraptor’s legs wider apart with his knee, stroking his hand up the inside of the velociraptor’s thigh until he reached the velociraptor’s entrance. He traced one soapy finger around the velociraptor’s entrance, still wanting to tease him.


“John, please…” the velociraptor was whining now, desperate for John’s touch inside of him. John took pity on the velociraptor, and pushed his long slender finger deep inside, his left hand snaking around to grip the velociraptor’s shaft. He moved into a rhythm, slowly pushing more fingers into the velociraptor, spreading them out while keeping his strokes on the velociraptor’s cock constant and firm.


John moved back, removing his fingers, and positioned himself carefully. He held the velociraptor’s slender hips, groaning out the velociraptor’s name as he pushed into him. Fuck, the velociraptor felt so incredible around him. John moved in slight thrusts, wanting to take his time, as he moved his long fingers back around to touch the velociraptor.


John kissed the velociraptor’s neck, sucking gently on it, wanting to leave his mark, wanting to have some tangible evidence that this had happened between the two of them. So often he was forced to forget that he loved the velociraptor, forget that the two of them ever held each other in this way. the velociraptor’s gasps at John’s touch only spurred him on, and as the velociraptor started to buck forward into his hand more sporadically, John could resist no more; he started to thrust harder and deeper into the velociraptor.


“John…fuck…John,” the velociraptor was close, his hips bucking wildly; he threw his head back against John’s shoulder for support, and hearing his lover groan his name in pleasure made John’s moans catch in his throat. John’s whole body tensed and he thrust himself once more as deeply as he could into the velociraptor as he came, nearly screaming out the velociraptor’s name in his lust.


The feel of John releasing inside of him was enough to push the velociraptor over the edge and he came hard, releasing a torrent of swear words intermingled with a language that John didn’t understand. John held the velociraptor close, needing to feel the velociraptor against him for as long as possible before the inevitable pretence they would need to partake in as soon as their real lives encroached on this precious moment.


Eventually though, both man and dinosaur had to move and when John turned off the shower and reached for the green bath towel on the rack, the velociraptor gripped his wrist to hold him back. He pulled John close; kissing him with such desperation that the lovers nearly slipped over.


“I love you, John,” the velociraptor said as their lips parted; his voice emotional and husky. John turned away, slight tears pricking his eyes. John grabbed the towel and wrapped it around the velociraptor, kissing him gently on the forehead. “I love you too; completely.”


The velociraptor opened the towel, allowing John to hold him, and the velociraptor wrapped it back around both of them this time. John traced the love bite on the velociraptor’s neck with his tongue and smiled, knowing what he’d be thinking about at the party that night. The velociraptor saw John’s smile and grinned himself, knowing he would be thinking about it too. They kissed, both of them holding on to this moment, hoping it would sustain them when they were forced to be apart.


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