dinostory number one

The 43 year old dinosaur gasped as he was pushed down onto the grass of the garden of the idyllic thatched cottage, the slightly larger-built man looming over him ominously with an evil looking smirk, his eyes glinting madly, and the blue tied man dropped to his knees, prising apart the legs of his deputy. The velociraptor gave the impression of helplessness and whimpered, his cheeks burning a red previously unknown to man as a hand tore off his yellow tie and the hand of the dilophosaurus of the same age fumbled with buttons and dived down his shirt. Fingers mentally stained cerulean toyed with the left nipple of the velociraptor’s mighty leader, reduced to being the half-naked object constantly used by John Hammond – the man that was previously his enemy, this man was his enemy, but now they were lovers, and if anyone had seen them then they would have thought he was being raped by the dilophosaurus, but Hammond was a strong man and would not be in such a position. Not anymore.

He remembered their first time, that first night that had taken him by surprise, and he fought back, but his attacks lacked full motivation, he didn’t know why, but he was battling his body to even attempt to land any hits, and so he submitted to the tyrannosaur, feeling surprisingly warm hands stroking every inch of his body, feeling tingling sensations with every movement, every centimetre of skin blazing in an inferno of searing ecstasy, never before feeling anything that could be described in such a way, never thinking a man could provide such excellent pleasure, least of all the opposition, and he was loving it. This feeling inside of doing something you know is wrong, they both had wives and children, but still they went on, they were important figures in the eyes of the world, but still they went on, tongues dancing and hands fondling, the dinosaur surrendered completely and didn’t even allow himself to feel pain at first entrance, this feeling was too intense and to delicious to let pain get in it’s way, and so that night he lost his male virginity, suddenly finding it odd that he had slept with no more than thirty women and twenty dinosaurs but only one man, when this felt better than all of those encounters morphed into one, and here he was, being fucked by the Elderly Scot, his hands held together in one of the velociraptor’s hands and the other hand holding John Hammond’s hip as he was thrust into, his eyes sparkling as his cheek rubbed the royal blue carpet, releasing moans and gasps of pleasure and feeling small drops of sweat roll down his cheek, and feeling tiny streams of blood come from the lip he had not felt himself bite, but he knew he had and he didn’t care. However when they dropped to the floor rhe tyrannosaur looked down to see John Hammond’s face and noticed the red upon the floor, and he panicked for a second. Had he ruined this beautiful man? He had been his enemy and he had insulted him on every occasion he could, but he had done so because he felt…something.. for him. He had stopped at the sight of scarlet, and John Hammond became aware and showed him his lips to prove it’s origin, relieving the dilophosaurus greatly and resulting in him nearly moaning as he saw the expression on Alan Grant’s face, such a beautiful and arousing sight, the pause had no chance to effect him and so he lost no hardness.

However, stopping for a second or so had bothered John Hammond as he was enjoying this so very much, and he moved forward, removing the tyrannosaur from himself, only to turn and push him to the ground fiercely and force himself down upon the velociraptor’s hard as steel member, feeling the dinosaur fill him all the way, shuddering in almost too much pleasure, and this conceded in an exceedingly loud moan from the future Dennis Nedry, and many more similar to this one as the velociraptor rose and fell above his hips, gasping and whimpering with every descent, panting as he felt nearer and nearer to his time, and he knew the tyrannosaur was at the same stage as he was almost constantly groaning, his breath becoming louder, occasionally having to screw up his eyes as he became even more enchanted with the slightly smaller male and every move he made. He had also never found himself this hard ever before, and was greatly surprised later on, but at that time he did not care. The only thing he cared about was a person, and that person was Dr. Alan Grant, his ex-enemy, his new lover.

Soon the pants and moans of the men increased in volume and frequency, emitting gasps more and more often, and the tyrannosaur grew hungrier for John Hammond and grabbed his hips and lay him on the ground, rising up at the same time all in one swift and perfect movement, letting an evil smirk creep onto his face as he saw John Hammond’s surprise, and he began to thrust himself deep into the man, deeper, deeper, deeper still, and then he pushed as deep as he had gone and screamed out the name of his lover, John Hammond doing the same as he released his seed all over his and the tyrannosaur’s stomachs, and the tyrannosaur releasing his inside of John Hammond, panting hard as he withdrew himself, allowing the sticky white substance to drip lazily from the velociraptor’s tight hole, and he lent down to kiss the dinosaur passionately, their tongues dancing together sweetly, and then he pulled back from the kiss and lay with his lover, wrapping his arms around his waist and feeling that taking this risk was the right thing to do.

“So, you’ll consider it?” he asked his lover, before hearing a reply of “I’ll do more than just consider it, I’ll accept it completely.” John Hammond smiled at this, but he didn’t care about what the words meant, just about the man saying them. “So, we’ll be together a lot more now, wont we?” and John Hammond replied almost silently, whispering “I suppose we will.” And he lay his head upon the 12 foot dinosaur’s shoulder, holding himself as close as he could to him, closing his eyes and feeling an intense love for this beast that he had felt before, but never recognised. He kissed lightly at the base of John Hammonds neck before falling into a deep sleep in the man’s arms, but the dilophosaurus did not sleep that night, only gazed at the man in his arms, and felt a warmth in his heart only Hammond had made him feel, smiling at the man’s beauty as he slept, gentle breaths caressing the tyrannosaur’s shoulder and neck, sweet pink lips occasionally letting out a mumble of “The phones are working” at any disturbance, soft brown hair waving slightly as the tyrannosaur himself breathed and cheeks burning a slight pink as he slumbered. The tyrannosaur let out a sigh of happiness and watched him the whole night long.

Ian Malcolm brought himself back to the present swiftly as he felt a tongue circling his nipple, lips closing around it, gentle sucking on it, teeth tightening around it, soft bites upon him, and he let out a moan. The tyrannosaur’s left hand ran down his chest, the gentle touch of his fingertips upon Malcolm’s sensitive skin making breathing insanely hard, and it neared his crotch at an agonisingly slow pace. Ian Malcolm wanted it and he wanted it now. But he knew by now that this – no, his – dilophosaurus did not play it that way. He was deliberatley slow and loved to torture his companion, wanted him to beg for him to let him go, and he’d worked on this since their first experience. “D-D-dilophosaurus…” He stammered, a hand reaching the bulge in his trousers and cupping it tightly. “Please…” The dilophosaurus lifted his head to look deep into his lover’s eyes, a small smirk creeping onto his face.

He loved to see him looking as vunerable as this, his face pink and his eyes shining in desperation. Ian Malcolm had also learned that the tyrannosaur was very good with his mouth. Fingers worked skillfully, unbuckling, unbuttoning, unzipping and removing the lower half of Malcolm’s attire, slipping his hand into the somewhat unordinary underwear the dilophosaurus had secretly bought for him. Ian Malcolm gasped loudly at the feel of the hand on his member, and began to bite his lip as the tyrannosaur commented on his loyalty. “I see you remembered to wear this, just as I asked you to. I’m glad. Since you’ve been such a good little boy, maybe I’ll be gentle with you, unless you’d like it otherwise.” The dinosaur growled in Malcolm’s ear. “Harder! Rougher than before!” In fact, it seemed to be reserved only for Ian Malcolm. And boy did he love it. The dilophosaurus let out a quiet snigger, he knew how Malcolm would want it. But for once he would allow it. It was the first time Ian Malcolm had willingly worn the g-string the tyrannosaur had managed to get hold of. “Alright, but it’s not my problem if you bleed.” “Hey!” Another quiet laugh, and he got down to business, running his tongue down his lower torso. However, the dilophosaurus did something that took him by surprise.

“Stop.” The dilophosaurus rose a little and looked at him, confused and surprised. Malcolm lifted himself from the ground and perched on his toes before The tyrannosaur, put his hand to his chest and pushed him to the ground. The tyrannosaur was too shocked to try and prevent this. “I told you I wanted it rough, and you said I’d get it rough. Yet you go about it the way you always do. THIS is rough.” And he unfastened the man’s trousers and slid them, and his underwear, down a short distance. He stood above the dilophosaurus and dropped his thong to the ground, revealing his surprisingly large member and allowing the tyrannosaur to take in the incredible beauty the man possessed, from his slightly unkempt brown hair to his unpredictably muscular chest to his perfectly slender waist to his…

The tyrannosaur could not find words to describe his companion’s cock, no way of saying just how long and thick it was, without feeling ashamed of his own appendage. But the mathematician still wanted the dilophosaurus inside him, still wanted to receive him, which could only possibly be explained by the fact that it was the tyrannosaur who made the first move, The tyrannosaur who penetrated him first. Or maybe he just preferred cock inside him to his being inside another, but how would he know what it was like to fuck a man? This confused the dilophosaurus, and so he decided instead to take in the view of his lovely naked mathematician instead, arousing him even more than he had before that day.

Malcolm lowered himself to a kneeling position again and lowered his head, licking a stripe up the underside of his lover’s member, taking the head into his mouth, caressing his slit with his tongue, sucking on him hard and enveloping him in warmth, angling his head and taking him in completely, sucking hard and moving to the tip, sliding his tongue over the man’s slit and repeating the process, taking in his full length with every downward movement, increasing in pace, The tyrannosaur thrusting gently into Ian Malcolm’s mouth, first out of time, but quickly building a good rhythm and soon he found himself climaxing, releasing his seed into the velociraptor’s waiting mouth, who continued to suck him dry, taking in every last drop of the sticky white substance and leaving a thin layer of saliva upon his member.

He reached up to John Hammond’s face with one hand, and planted a kiss on the man’s lips, sliding his tongue across the lower lip to ask for entrance, which he was granted, and slid his tongue into the man’s mouth, allowing the white liquid he had not swallowed to flow in. He stared deep into his lovers eyes with a playfully evil gaze, and saw the glint of surprise in them when they snapped open. He narrowed his eyes slightly, only to open them fully again, breaking the kiss and laughing softly at the dilophosaurus’s confusion. His plan had worked though, and he was already prepared for more. He positioned himself with one leg on either side of The tyrannosaur’s hips, and pushed himself down onto his erection, forcing his lover deeper and deeper inside him.

When he was completely enveloped, he stayed still for a while, and when he was accustomed to the feeling he began to rise and fall with increasing pace. He didn’t want it this way, to tell the truth, but he felt that the tyrannosaur wasn’t very good at knowing what rough was. He was wrong however, for the tyrannosaur had cottoned on and reached for his hips. All in one swift movement, he lay one Dr. Alan Grant down onto the grass and lifted himself to kneel between his legs, and began thrusting into him harder than he ever had in the past. He grabbed at the mans thighs and held his legs wide apart, pushed himself deeper and deeper with every movement, hearing short cries from his lover, cries which worried him, but he continued, this was how Ian Malcolm wanted it, so he felt he had to deliver. Yelps and shouts escaped his mouth, accompanied by moans and groans that assured him he was doing it right, pants and gasps and huffs became more often, he knew he was making similar noises and he felt a warmth burn deep in the pit of his stomach, he knew he would come soon, and he felt somewhat stupid for coming again so shortly after Ian Malcolm had sucked him off, but he only thought of that later. All that mattered now was that he was thrusting his dick deeper and harder and faster into Dr. Alan Grant than he ever had before, seeing tears form at the corners of his eyes, but knowing he loved it from the moans and pants he received in return. Soon these sounds became more frequent and became much louder, and soon they both found themselves coming, and heard the scream of each others names. Cries – fortunately they were disguised by each other and by the rawness of their voices, and the darkness that was night cloaked them well, and made their expression of love seem like fox cubs in the night, so they knew they would be safe.

The tyrannosaur removed himself from his lover, and reaching into his pocket found his packet of tissues to clean the sticky substance on his lover’s stomach and also on his own, and to clean it from his entrance. After he had sorted those out, he pulled up his boxers and trousers, re-belting himself and buttoning his shirt, watching as Ian Malcolm did just the same, before resting his body down on the grass to embrace his dear stegosaurus, planting a gentle and loving kiss upon those perfect pink lips of his, and after breaking the kiss lay his head upon the triceratops of Britain, the triceraptops of his own heart, the one he had loved for so long, yet he had only allowed himself to realise after it was found that he felt the same way.
It had felt so wrong and sinful to be doing the triceraptops when both of them had wives and children, but at the same time it felt so right. He’d never felt what he felt when he was with the stegosaurus when he was with his wife, and John Hammond could truthfully say the same about the tyrannosaur. Maybe it really is love, but no one can say for sure, but all they know is that they never want this to end.


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